Published on Wed May 14th, 2014

A Great News!

After remarkable success over years of trading with continuous refining and improving by its authors team,

FINALLY Volatility Factor Pro has a new version 6.0.

It was recently released with its amazing the new Time Management settings.

These new settings enable you to precisely configure the periods during which you want the EA to trade.

FXAutomater, the EA authors have put their trust in these new settings and added them to their precious EA believing that this will be useful for many traders!

The New Time Management System Advantages

  • MORE SECURE TRADING than ever.
  • EASY TO use time management.
  • EXCLUDE dangerous periods.
  • Consider the major sessions START and END HOURS.
  • Include ALL DAYS of the week.
  • CONTROL the ADD. trades during restricted hours.
  • Include ALL HOURS of the day.
  • Trade in the BEST HOURS for you.

More over, Individual Comments have been added in this version for each strategy as a suffix to the main comment.

For example: VF-S1 and VF-S2.

Visit Volatility Factor Pro homepage to know more and download!

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