This table below aims to guide you to explore and investigate the profitability of the best Forex robot that fits your style of trade by checking the top Forex robots live performance results. The trading systems indexed below are arranged according to their performances so that the best Forex robot will be at the top and remains there till another one performs better so it rises and takes its place. These live performance forward tests are the official ones managed by the expert advisors authors, some of them are running on live accounts and others on demo.

Live Performance Forward Tests Profitability Comparison

Top Forex Robots (Expert Advisors) 2021
# Forex Robot Started On Account Broker Account Leverage Account Type Total Gain Absolute Gain Monthly Gain Daily Gain Drawdown Profit Amount Profit Factor Total Pips Total Trades (%) Won Trades MyfxBook Chart Links / Reload
1 Dec 10, 2013 Synergy FX 1:400 Real +3474.7% +3479.03% 9.65% 0.14% 24.25% $173081.00 1.57 3809.5 938 593 (63%) REV Trader PRO REAL | Myfxbook
2 Mar 09, 2016
- Real +2095.65% +2095.65% 7.29% 0.23% 21.88% $41912.97 1.74 1710.4 505 310 (61%) FXCharger System by fxcharger | Myfxbook
3 Apr 04, 2016
1:500 Real +1915.99% +1915.99% 7.24% 0.23% 21.47% $9579.93 2.68 7715.8 1581 1029 (65%) FXStabilizer_EUR - Turbo System by fx_skill | Myfxbook
4 May 27, 2013
- Real +2239.85% +2239.85% 4.76% 0.16% 65.84% $39910.13 1.11 4055.0 2694 1494 (55%) FXSecret Immortal System by fx_skill | Myfxbook
5 May 27, 2013
- Real +7437.59% +2191.74% 5.64% 0.18% 65.84% $39052.80 1.15 4145.0 2007 1037 (52%) Forex Spectre System by fx_skill | Myfxbook
6 Sep 01, 2013
Fort Financial Services
1:500 Demo +3218.89% +663.71% 4.39% 0.14% 6.60% $200445.92 1.82 7376.0 2889 2158 (75%) Happy Market Hours v2.1 System by HappyForex | Myfxbook
7 Nov 20, 2014
Alpari RU
1:500 Demo +529.75% +529.75% 2.64% 0.09% 12.24% $5297.46 1.11 5557.6 3839 2711 (71%) Forex Diamond EA USDJPY System by forexdiamond | Myfxbook
8 Mar 15, 2014
IC Markets
1:500 Real +620.34% +620.34% 2.40% 0.08% 28.97% 1.11 5799.3 5613 4031 (72%) Easy Walker FX System by forexgermany | Myfxbook
9 Dec 04, 2014 ThinkMarkets 1:500 Real +632.29% +506.59% 4.60% 0.15% 25.21% $3097.94 1.35 4445.8 726 375 (52%) Forex Trend Detector System by fxtrenddetector | Myfxbook
10 Mar 18, 2013
Alpari RU
1:500 Demo +686.9% +682.64% 4.62% 0.15% 51.77% $35210.78 1.21 7023.9 5615 4178 (74%) Volatility Factor 2.0 Live System by volatility2pro | Myfxbook
11 Sep 05, 2013
Fort Financial Services
1:500 Real +439.56% +439.56% 4.00% 0.10% 49.86% $51997.13 1.64 3523.7 6013 3977 (66%) FX Splitter EA System by vagabond | Myfxbook
12 Feb 12, 2018
- Real +278.7% +278.71% 11.27% 0.35% 18.57% $2787.05 3.74 1508.5 54 39 (72%) inControl System by FXinControl | Myfxbook
13 Aug 12, 2016
Alpari RU
1:500 Demo +432.84% +432.84% 3.43% 0.11% 50.31% $43283.82 1.33 8908.8 7877 6172 (78%) WallStreet Forex Robots All System by forexwallstreet | Myfxbook
14 Feb 25, 2016
Fort Financial Services
1:500 Demo +318.0% +248.78% 4.11% 0.13% 22.92% $10312.73 1.75 766.1 344 296 (86%) Happy News v1.3 System by HappyForex | Myfxbook
15 Dec 02, 2015
Alpari RU
1:500 Demo +249.64% +249.64% 5.27% 0.17% 26.97% $880.48 1.34 1806.5 491 289 (59%) Forex Combo System 500 System by fxcombo | Myfxbook
16 Feb 25, 2016
FX Choice
1:200 Real +200.97% +200.97% 3.62% 0.12% 11.22% $10048.42 1.28 19053.3 11705 6731 (58%) Funnel Trader Account 1 System by funneltrader | Myfxbook
17 Oct 06, 2014
Alpari RU
1:500 Demo +346.21% +346.21% 3.82% 0.12% 52.82% $1004.08 1.54 10212.7 258 193 (75%) Forex Gold Investor System by fxgoldinvestor | Myfxbook
18 May 02, 2016
FX Choice
1:200 Real +407.56% +407.56% 6.89% 0.22% 64.05% $407557.23 1.11 3047.2 470 228 (49%) Inertia Trader System by babyjake1961 | Myfxbook
19 Apr 24, 2014
1:500 Real +1092.94% +388.14% 5.01% 0.16% 64.22% $5818.29 1.20 3526.9 839 594 (71%) Foreximba_AUDUSD_High_2 System by foreximba | Myfxbook
20 Aug 26, 2019
- Real +215.43% +215.43% 15.83% 0.49% 39.21% $3231.38 1.75 320.0 101 75 (74%) PowerfulForex System by powerfulforex | Myfxbook
21 Feb 03, 2015 1:100 Demo +131.78% +131.78% 2.11% 0.07% 20.75% $131780.44 1.25 1915.9 399 212 (53%) Professional Trading Portfolio System by ProSystems | Myfxbook
22 Apr 15, 2010 MB Trading 1:50 Real +378.03% +119.12% 2.35% 0.05% 31.96% $4345.53 1.27 6803.6 4163 2876 (69%) Forex Real Profit EA-4 System by fxrealprofitea | Myfxbook
23 Jun 03, 2012
1:500 Real +103.25% +103.25% 10.82% 0.03% 26.72% $20709.95 2.27 -3502.1 1289 750 (58%) ForexWarrior GBP/USD_set2 System by Forex_Warrior | Myfxbook
24 Jul 17, 2018
- Real +122.91% +122.92% 8.05% 0.17% 35.89% $4424.94 1.29 -401.6 129 60 (47%) FXOxygen System by FXOxygen | Myfxbook
25 Mar 20, 2019
IC Markets
1:500 Demo +97.94% +97.94% 3.41% 0.11% 29.35% $979.36 1.22 3654.8 1873 1295 (69%) BF Scalper PRO System by forexwallstreet | Myfxbook
26 Jan 23, 2015
1:200 Real +89.44% +89.44% 1.59% 0.05% 33.50% 1.18 3583.2 318 161 (51%) CabEX System by forexgermany | Myfxbook
27 Jan 31, 2016
IC Markets
1:500 Real +66.18% +66.18% 1.82% 0.06% 8.87% 1.17 3287.2 1190 665 (56%) RayBOT System by forexgermany | Myfxbook
28 Sep 21, 2016
1:500 Real +227.26% +75.74% 19.61% 0.19% 18.52% USC22721.03 2.63 -6991.7 3009 2212 (74%) High Risk System by BenefitEA | Myfxbook
29 Oct 28, 2014
1:100 Real +49.48% +50.79% 1.21% 0.03% 17.72% USC711.03 1.07 1971.5 1111 629 (57%) Ray Scalper V3 Reference Real Account System by Rayscalper | Myfxbook
30 Aug 29, 2019
IC Markets
1:500 Demo +42.59% +42.59% 2.11% 0.07% 9.62% $425.91 2.05 15245.0 137 120 (88%) GOLD Scalper Pro New System by forexwallstreet | Myfxbook
31 Oct 18, 2018
1:1000 Real +87.22% +87.23% 6.42% 0.21% 60.23% $4396.58 1.82 739.0 1189 853 (72%) TSFX 881 MT5 System by TSFX_Online | Myfxbook
32 Jan 09, 2020
IC Markets
1:500 Demo +27.61% +27.61% 2.07% 0.07% 8.31% $828.22 1.15 2692.4 1346 785 (58%) Dynamic Pro Scalper v5.0 Demo System by automatedfxtools | Myfxbook
33 Dec 18, 2020
1:500 Real +28.67% +28.67% 28.67% 1.21% 10.61% $28.67 2.78 1525.0 12 5 (42%) Happy Gold Real 01 System by MyFxBots | Myfxbook
34 Feb 12, 2012 FxPrivate 1:100 Real +13.45% +13.44% 0.59% 5.16% $40.47 1.98 433.7 178 151 (85%) Forex Megadroid System by birt | Myfxbook
35 Apr 14, 2020
Alpari NZ
1:500 Real +11.44% +11.44% 1.25% 0.04% 8.13% USC1204.29 2.11 200.1 258 172 (67%) Forex Pulse Detector Real System by automatedfxtools | Myfxbook
36 Dec 27, 2020
IC Markets
1:500 Demo +1.7% +1.7% 1.70% 0.19% 0.24% $169.99 95.97 175.2 8 7 (88%) Omega Trend EA System by MyFxBots | Myfxbook
37 Mar 21, 2020
1:1000 Real +1.83% +1.83% 1.83% 0.07% 4.42% $182.87 1.42 -824.8 95 53 (56%) Forexbot28 System by ForexBot28 | Myfxbook
38 Dec 18, 2020
1:500 Real +0.8% +0.8% 0.80% 0.11% 0.00% $0.80 - 7.5 1 1 (100%) Happy Trend Real 01 System by MyFxBots | Myfxbook

Table Header Titles

  • Robot: the Forex robot name including its rating order number according to the RFR Rank# that reflects its overall performanc, the name holds a link to its review article page.
  • Broker: the broker name providing the trading account.
  • Type: the trading account type, whether real or demo.
  • Started: the date of starting using the account for trading.
  • Gain: the total amount gained calculated in relation to the deposits sum of the which in most cases will be the initial deposit only.
  • Drawdown: the largest difference between a balance peak and the lowest following bottom as calculated by Myfxbook.
  • Profit amount: the sum of all positive trades return.
  • Profit factor: the sum of all positive trades divided by the sum of all negative trades, if below 1 this means that the robot is not currently profitable which should also be recognizable from the other stats.
  • Pips: the sum of all pips realized by all the closed trades, not including the floating pips count that might be the result of any open trade.
  • Total Trades: the sum of all trades, won and lost.
  • (%) Won Trades: the percent of trades with a positive return.
  • Balance chart: a small thumbnail image for the account balance chart, you can navigate to Myfxbook live page by clicking this chart image.

How Do We Rate & Compare Forex Robots?

We use the RFR Rank#, which applies our innovative formula. This formula is directed mainly towards the pips generated by the Forex Robot as the most indicative of its profitability over the period of time since when the trading results statement was started, taking into consideration the maximum drawdown percentage value over that period of time as an indication of the risk exposed by the Forex robot on the traded account, a simple but precise formula.

While the default order of the table list arrangement is according to the RFR Rank#, you may like to view a comparison list according to an other value listed there, you can do that by clicking on the desired value title in the table header or select it from the dropdown list at the top right to the table, this will re-arrange the list according to that value, the first click on the header value title will re-arrange the list in an ascending order, the second click will revert to a descending order of that value, and so on. You may also switch between the ascending / descending list orders by clicking the     buttons to the right of the top right dropdown list.

How Data Gets Updated In The Comparison Table?

Every system live performance details in the table above can be updated / reloaded by any visitor of this page. Due to the heavy load on our servers, we have made a few limitations for that, so you can reload only one live performance statement data every one minute while each of them can be reloaded once every one hour.

To reload a live performance statement data, just click on its corresponding   icon in the table, we suggest using Chrome or Mozilla browsers for full functionality. This icon   below it will take you to the Forex Robot Official Website, while the chart image is linked to a lareger detailed one with other links to know more information.


This table will include live performance data for more Forex robots with no limits, while you will have to do your best to pick up the most suitable system for your trading style.

Talk about Top Forex Robots

Sinbunny Keo Fri Apr 26th, 2019

Edward Clent  Fri Nov 23rd, 2018
It seems the manhattan FX EA is one of the better ones, but the review is old...done several years ago and ive seem a few bad reports about it on ForexPeaceArmy reviews and others...can you guys do some sort of follow up on this EA and maybe update its review score?

John Sonny Thu Aug 17th, 2017
Hi, how do these results relate to broker fees? im trading with and they are much cheaper. Must i use the brokers mentioned above or can i use my own broker?

MyFxBots Fri Feb 23rd, 2018
Broker Fees are counted and calculated within these result of course. However you can use your own broker!

Gert Scott Sun Oct 16th, 2016
What is the best settings to use. The most stable with the highest winning percentage? Which pairs, time period,indicators, etc? Thanx!

MyFxBots Fri Feb 23rd, 2018
For which Forex robot?

Suneet Sharma Sat Jul 16th, 2016
I am very interested in online Forex trading for the first time. I have been searching for a really good Forex Robot because I know nothing about technical. Although I am open to reasonable risk however I do not want to loose money for nothing. Any suggestion for a really good Forex Robot, that is easy to operate and works all by itself so that I do not have to do anything in decision making? Any suggestions about do's

MyFxBots Fri Feb 23rd, 2018
Almost all of the reviewed Forex robots here are for beginners and are newbie traders friendly. However we recommend trading with one or more of FxAutomater EAs that include WallStreet Forex Robot, Volatility Factor, Forex Diamond, Forex Trend Detector & Forex Gold Investor (New EA trading Gold via MT4), all of which are self dependent, totally automated, easily installed beside that they are making excellent results starting from 2018 as a continuation of their previous proven success over the past few years! They are currently offering price discounts on their EAs! FxAutomater group are highly experienced Forex System Developers with good reputation!

Abdelrhman Sabry Mon Jul 11th, 2016
frist, thanks for you good explainations And, is Blessing 3 that sets the TF

shara othman Tue May 17th, 2016
Hi; Are you tested Swing Trader Pro , because as i have readed about it ,telling there is no money loss , all tradings are profit ! are it is true ? are it is using as a Indicator or as an ROBOT EA ?

MyFxBots Wed May 18th, 2016
You should never expect identical results on your account as those shown in the 3rd parties verified statements, many reasons stand against that, while nealy similar results are possible.
Swing Trader PRO is a manual system, so it primarily depends on the human trader, when to follow its recommendations and when not to! This will make difference between a familiar Swing Trader PRO user with enough experience and a new user that will need some time to deal with it successfully.
This doesn't necessarily means that Swing Trader PRO is difficult to understand or use! On the contrary, it's so beginner friendly Forex robot, but usage experience is so important and will make difference!

shara othman Wed May 18th, 2016
Dear Sir ; Thanks for reply ,Are the above mentioned trading software just depending of drawing some general trend or basically depend in comprehensive calculation including in-side of the ea , and what are this principles ?? Best Regards

Whizz Ashly Sun Oct 9th, 2016
What about Is it good?

shara othman Sat May 14th, 2016
Can you advice me about Black Diamond Trader vr.2 EA ,I think it is a good Indicator and EA.

MyFxBots Tue May 17th, 2016
We are trying hard to expand our reviews about the best profitable Forex robots in the market and add new ones periodically to this website. Each review requires time and effort to be introduced as a satisfying informative resource.
Many Forex robots are currently on our schedule and we can publish a review at once every certain period of time according to many factors related to the review and the Forex robot itself.
Unfortunately, we can not add reviews on individual request basis, but we can promise to put the requests on schedule!
As we didn't test Black Diamond Trader vr.2 EA yet, we can not give an honest advice about it, but we will try to review its performance ASAP! Once published, it will reach you via our social media pages and newsletter!

shara othman Wed Apr 20th, 2016
what about Blessing vr.3.7 EA? are you agree that is the good trading robot?

shara othman Wed Apr 20th, 2016
and how can i download the Robot from your list ?

MyFxBots Thu Apr 21st, 2016
Blessing 3 EA is a Free Forex robot, so you can find it in our free EAs list here: Free Forex Robots
Or you can directly download its latest version
(Don't forget to skip the ad in the last link to proceed!)

shara othman Thu Apr 21st, 2016
thanks for your reply; 1-Are this Blessing Robot is good working , and can we use it in real account ?? 2-How we can download from you list,and are you recommended the Robot working in your list when it using in real account??

MyFxBots Thu Apr 21st, 2016
Well, Blessing 3 EA is an empty Forex robot, which means that it has a good strategy but misses an optimized set file to run safely on a real account and be able to make profits, I think that this is their way for marketing the paid version of the robot, and since we didn't test it previously we don't currently have an optimized set file for it (if this is what you mean by "our list") and can't recommend it too.
It has an overall rating of 2.4/5 in MyfxBook Expert Advisor reviews.
To download its latest version, Click Here (then click "skip ad" button to the top right corner of the page).

shara othman Thu Apr 21st, 2016
thanks for all; but i have one logical question, why the Robot designer building Robot for free?? and why the others are destining Robot for selling?, even they can collecting money form them Robot trading!! Regards

shara othman Thu Apr 21st, 2016
and how i will find the Blessing good version to work with real account? and how much it cost?

MyFxBots Thu Apr 21st, 2016
Forex robot developers have many reasons to publish their inventions for free; they may be promoting a premium version up-sell of the free one and we think that this is the case with Blessing 3 EA or may be willing to prove their professionalization dealing with Forex market to attract customers to subscribe in some other related paid service provided by the same developer or they might be just giving it away!
Blessing Pro is the paid version of Blessing 3 EA and you can purchase it at the same developer's website for $295 or $9.95/month!

Abdelrhman Sabry Mon Jul 11th, 2016
frist, thanks for you good explaination And, is Blessing 3 that sets the TF

Joseph Michael Wed Dec 24th, 2014
Hey I know you have the list of good robots but the problem is you hear good/bad reviews so how do we know which one is good to use?

MyFxBots Wed Dec 24th, 2014
This top list represents the final rating based on applying each Forex robot live performance results to a common exclusive formula which till us which is the best and the worst one regarding its profitability vs time, profitability vs drawdown and some more measurements, all gathered together to arrange the positions and ratings in this top list table.

Mohammed Kadiwala Mon Sep 8th, 2014
any idea about

MyFxBots Mon Sep 8th, 2014
What caught my attention at first glance, is its exaggerated price that doesn't reflect the profitability of the software in any way but gives it an important advantage as it won't be used by so many traders what will make its live market performance highly effective and successful if it was already well coded and configured, but for me, I won't risk a $2000 in a software without a clear refund policy. They say in the website that they provide 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee if the Robot doesn't WORK! which means that if the robot worked and was a loser, you don't have the right to request a refund, it finally worked on your platform regardless of its results.

Tom Collins Fri Sep 5th, 2014
I'm surprised! I use software by anna forex monti and I'm satisfied. quite strange not to see their production in your chart.

MyFxBots Mon Sep 8th, 2014
It's not so easy to add a forex robot review every day to our list, first we carefully select the most promising and solid systems in the market taking into consideration many factors including its reputation and previous real trader reviews, then when we decide to review it, much time will be necessary to complete a satisfying review to the traders seeking information and brief analysis about that software performance. Many Forex systems are already now on our schedule and we are trying hard to add them ASAP.

Yiga Patrick Wed Jan 29th, 2014
how much can I make monthly?

MyFxBots Wed Feb 5th, 2014
This is a very large question, as many important factors other than Forex robots influence your trading profits, the first and most important of them is yourself and how self confident you are, your available investment capital, the broker you are trading with, the currency pairs you prefer to trade, the market conditions while trading and finally the Forex robot you would choose! While a good Forex Robot can limit those factors bad effects on your profits or even abolish them, no one can predict exactly how much you can gain!

SolidGround Cue Thu Mar 6th, 2014
Forex Robots Honestly does this product works?

MyFxBots Fri Mar 7th, 2014
SolidGround Cue
Well, it depends on what work you are expecting it to do, if you are expecting it to make you rich in a few days, weeks or even months, this is not what you are looking for! but if you are looking for a tool that can maintain your trading; a trusted tool that can trade on your behalf, so that you don't have to perform every trade by yourself, you are here in the right place. Forex Robots main target is to let you go, do other jobs, perform routine tasks even go to sleep while its there trading for you, so that it allows you not to miss or interrupt your ordinary life behavior while your business isn't missed too, so the minimum expected from a Forex Robot is to keep trading along the day as if you are setting performing your trades yourself while you can check its performance from time to time, the more advanced EAs don't content just to keep your business up, but is also try to maximize your profits, so what you need to do is to find an entrusted EA with your money which not only keep your business up, but is able to maximize your profits too.

Jamrock Outdoors Sun Jan 31st, 2016
How come I haven't seen any losing robots, not one. They are all the best ! Lol

Triều Vũ Thu Mar 31st, 2016
Jamrock Outdoors in fact, if u play carefully with good strategies u can make profit stable

MyFxBots Sun Apr 10th, 2016
Jamrock Outdoors We don't review every Forex robot in the market here! we carefully pick up what we should work on! However, you can find the losers at the bottom of the table! Note that they might be just new ones and need some more time for trading to prove their profitability!

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