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Infinity Trader EA Review Introduction

The Infinity Trader EA makes trading more profitable and safer for traders seeking to protect their accounts. Trading with Infinity Trader EA empowers traders to minimize drawdowns, navigate the markets confidently, and achieve financial goals with its advanced risk management algorithms and account protection system.

Trading Idea

Chat GPT and Gemini (developed by Google) are the two most powerful AI engines available. The Gemini AI handles real-time trading data better than Chat GPT. However, Chat GPT excels at managing complex conversation threads even though it is trained only on past data. Combining Chat GPT and Gemini AI leads to the most accurate and current trading forecasts.

AI alone, can't be reliable - a proven, solid strategy must back it up. FXAutomater deliver results that stand out with their AI-powered strategy Infinity Trader EA!

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Operates with any NFA-Regulated Broker.


1 Real-Money Account and 10 Demo Accounts.

Brokers & Accounts

All MT4 & MT5 Brokers are Compatible & trades all accounts - MICRO, Mini, and Standard.

We recommend Installing Infinity Trader EA on TradingFX VPS Forex VPS and using it with IC Markets, Tickmill, or Alpari Forex Brokers for the best stability and profitability.

MT5 Version

A version for MT5 Trading Terminal is included.


PROP FIRM Settings are included.

User Guide

Infinity Trader EA comes with a detailed guide to help you set up and use it effectively.

Installation Wizard

A point-and-click installation wizard makes the installation of Infinity Trader EA simple and foolproof. You won't need to worry about transferring files. It's as easy as double-clicking the wizard!


To answer any questions you may have, FXAutomater - the EA developers - have a team of specialists available 24/7.

Future Updates

Unlimited Free Updates for life.

Refund Policy

Money-Back Guarantee for 30 Days No Questions Asked

All risks will be assumed by FXAutomater! Infinity Trader EA is free for 30 days, and if you don't like it, FXAutomater will promptly refund your investment.

Supported Currency Pairs


MetaTrader Chart Timeframe


Infinity Trader EA Trading Strategy

The Infinity Trader EA relies on proven, repeatable trading patterns as its core functionality. Based on their extensive experience, FXAutomater identified price-action patterns with the highest statistical significance and predictive power.

When raw market data is applied to brute machine learning techniques, the results are not typically effective beyond the training sample; the predictive power is typically low. It usually leads to a single over-optimization that is ineffective due to its tendency to lead to a single "perfect" optimization.

To extract market sentiment and conduct comprehensive fundamental analysis, FXAutomater uses the most advanced AI engines available. In this way, any trading strategy can achieve the best possible objective forecast of the market trend and sentiment.

Human and artificial intelligence were combined in this Expert Advisor.

Its unique approach provides traders with a competitive edge by allowing Infinity Trader EA to respond rapidly and accurately to changing market conditions. Its algorithms are continuously updated based on real-time insights and market data, so this system can react promptly to market fluctuations and capitalize on new opportunities.

Due to its consistent and profitable trading outcomes, Infinity Trader EA can perform well in varied market conditions. The system maximizes trading performance and potential returns by executing trades with precision.

Adapting to changing market dynamics and capturing profitable opportunities with precision are among the EA's advanced algorithms and strategies. The Infinity Trader EA provides traders with cutting-edge technology and robust risk management features to help them navigate the financial markets and consistently succeed.

Account Protection System

Managing risk is crucial to long-term success in the fast-paced and volatile trading world. A trader's hard-earned capital is constantly being protected and minimized when they experience drawdowns, regardless of how experienced they are or how new they are to the market. Infinity Trader EA is a sophisticated trading tool catering to both professional traders and individual investors, offering account drawdown protection at an entirely new level.

To achieve trading success, drawdowns, or the decline in the value of an investment, are crucial. It is difficult to recover and achieve long-term profitability after significant drawdowns erode confidence and deplete funds. With the Infinity Trader EA, this challenge can be addressed comprehensively.

Both prop firm traders and individual investors can benefit from the Infinity Trader EA's account protection system:

  1. Drawdown Mitigation

    Traders can reduce drawdowns and preserve their hard-earned capital with advanced risk management algorithms and customizable drawdown parameters.

  2. Improved Trading Performance

    Traders can maximize trading performance and consistency by managing risk effectively and limiting drawdowns, thereby minimizing account depletion worries.

  3. Increased Confidence

    Trading with Infinity Trader EA gives traders a sense of confidence, allowing them to approach markets with a focused mindset, free from the distractions of managing excessive risks.

  4. Suitability for Prop Firms

    Besides offering robust and reliable trading conditions to its traders, the Infinity Trader EA features sophisticated account protection features that make it an ideal solution for prop firms.

  5. Accessibility for Individual Traders

    The account protection system of Infinity Trader EA is suitable for prop firm traders, as well as individual investors seeking to protect their trading accounts and succeed over the long term.

Last Updated On Tues, 7 May 2024

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