67 Months

Guess what?

About a month ago, Waka Waka set, once again, a world record:

67 months of continuous profit in a live account Valeriia Mishchenko's Waka Waka Expert Advisor!

Valery Trading developers team ensured that they are not just talking about staying afloat; they're talking about soaring high with a staggering +7700% growth in their account.

This isn't just another achievement; it's a testament to the magic that Waka Waka has been weaving since June 2018.

If you're curious, check out the live action on Valeriia Mishchenko's MyFxBook track record.

Started On
Jun 04, 2018
Account Type
Starting Balance

Valeriia Mishchenko was so excited by achieving such a mileston what made her send huge thanks to all of her ePayments's incredible community of supporters and clients. She named them as her rockstars behind this success story.

Their trust, their cheers, and their unwavering faith have been the wind beneath Valeriia Mishchenko's wings. And for that, she announced that she owe them a massive thank you!

Here's to smashing more records and celebrating many more months of jaw-dropping success!

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Published On Mon, 25 Dec 2023

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