How Could Telegram Signal Copier Boost Your Profit in 11 Different Ways?

Traders who want to copy signals from multiple providers can use this trade copier software to meet all their needs. Veteran traders have developed a professional solution for traders, Telegram Signal Copier in collaboration with the smartest developers!

An all-in-one telegram signal copying program that can increase the probability of making 50x more profits from telegram signals!

Telegram Signal Copier: how does it make a profit?

  1. Execution on Time (Fast)

    In the same way as your signal provider, it takes trade entry precisely at the position you receive and secures profits. With TSC's instant execution, you will never miss a single pip again.

  2. Automated Trade Updates

    Can you explain half close, partial close, full close, and move SL to entry?

    Now you don't have to worry!

    Your trade copier will automatically follow updates from your signal provider and execute all kinds of orders. You do not need to supervise the process manually.

  3. Engage in Trading at Any Time

    Forex trading is available 24 hours a day and you can make money all day! So why not take advantage of this? Even if your location/country makes it difficult for you to trade in a particular session, TSC is the best solution for you.

  4. Each Take Profit has its Own Custom Lot Size

    You can set your custom lot sizes based on your risk preference for every take profit. Each signal provider can also be customized individually. When you trade multiple accounts with TSC, you can manage your lots and risks easily.

  5. Variable Lot Size for Take Profit

    The lot size for each trade can also be controlled based on the risk percentage. Depending on your risk tolerance, you can choose the percentage of the account balance to risk per trade. Depending on the value of each trade, you can set the lot.

  6. Dynamic Spread in Both SL and TP

    The dynamic spread settings can help you adjust the SL/TP for pairs with higher spreads on other forex brokers. The math is done for you so you don't have to!

  7. Choose your Own SL/TP

    You are in complete control of your trades. For each trade, you can either follow the instructions from the signal provider or set your own stop loss and take profit targets. Unlike other copier software, the Telegram Signal Copier supports different strategies for every pair!

  8. Market or Pending Order

    If the order should be pending or instant, you can control it. Specify the maximum difference between the entry price and the market price.

  9. Set Auto Close Half & Move SL to Entry

    To grow your account, you must look at profits at the desired price before the price turns back. This auto trade copier lets you set it to Close Half & Move SL to Entry according to your signal provider's instructions!

  10. Determine the Percentage of Half and Partial Closes

    Would you like more custom options for partial-close and half-close? You're covered by TSC!

    By setting the percentage to Half and Partial close, you can better manage your risk on accounts with lower equity.

    The rules, the profits, and the account are all yours!

  11. SL Trailing Customized

    When paired with a trailing stop, a stop-loss can be more effective. You have the option of custom trailing Sl in the Telegram Signal Copier.

    By enabling trailing SL, you can ride big market moves more efficiently!

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Published On Fri, 21 Jun 2024

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