AMarkets 17% Bonus with Higher Cashback Promo June 2023

Boost your trading potential

Deposit $300 or more into your account and get up to a 17% bonus and increased cashback per lot

Promotional period: from 12.06 to 07.07

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Promotion terms and conditions

  • 15% + $13 cashback $300 – $1,000

  • 17% + $13 cashback $1,000 – $3,000

  • 17% + $15 cashback $3,000+

After making a deposit, contact AMarkets customer support to activate your trading bonus and cashback.

Use your bonus to open more trades and generate higher profits. Earn cashback on your transactions.

How to get a trading bonus and increased cashback

  1. Register with AMarkets.

  2. Get verified.

  3. Deposit $300 or more into your account.

  4. Get up to 17% bonus and increased cashback.

Boost your trading potential with AMarkets

How does the bonus work?

The bonus increases your trading capital and allows you to:

  • Open larger positions.
  • Handle large drawdowns if the market moves against you.

How does cashback work?

Cashback is credited to a trading account as a bonus, which can be used for trading on top of your own money.

Cashback is credited for 30 calendar days and is extended if you complete the cashback requirements.

AMarkets are trusted by more than 1,000,000 clients worldwide

  1. The Financial Commission

    Compensation Fund for up to €20,000 per claim

  2. Verify My Trade

    AMarkets’ execution quality complies with the best execution standards

  3. 500+ trading instruments

    Currency pairs, stocks, metals, indices, etc.

  4. Instant order execution

    From 0.03 seconds

  5. Tight spreads

    From 0.2 pips

  6. 0% deposit commission

    For all payment systems

  7. Leverage

    Up to 1:3000

  8. Customer support


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Frequently asked questions:

  1. Where can I see my bonus?

    Once the bonus is added to your MT5 account, it will be displayed in the Credit field of your trading platform. It will also be included in the Equity and Margin fields but will not be taken into account in the Balance field. For MT4 accounts, the bonus will be displayed in the Balance field of the trading terminal.

  2. Can I withdraw the bonus funds?

    Your bonus funds can be used in trading, including a drawdown. The bonus funds are not available for withdrawal, but you can withdraw the profit obtained through trading.

  3. Is the bonus added automatically to my account after I make a deposit?

    To receive the bonus, you need to contact our support manager and request the bonus.

  4. Can I withdraw funds without losing the bonus?

    If after you withdraw funds from your MT5 account, the bonus to own funds ratio exceeds 20%, the bonus will be deducted from your account proportionally to the withdrawal amount. If you withdraw your deposit (partially or in whole) from your MT4 account, the bonus funds will be fully deducted from your balance. Profit withdrawals can be made from both MT4 and MT5 accounts without losing the bonus funds.

  5. Is this bonus offer indefinite?

    As long as you demonstrate regular trading activity on your account, you can use this bonus indefinitely – it doesn’t have an expiration date. However, if your trading account has been inactive for 30 days (you didn’t make a single trade), the bonus will automatically expire.

  6. Can I transfer the bonus to another account?

    The bonus cannot be transferred to other accounts. Other bonus terms and conditions are specified in the Bonus accrual rules.

  7. Can I receive a bonus on an ECN or Islamic account?

    This bonus is available on Standard and Fixed accounts only. Unfortunately, we do not offer this bonus on other account types.

Deposit $300 or more into your account and get up to a 17% bonus and increased cashback per lot

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