Omega Trend Review Introduction

Simply, Omega Trend's detection system is directly linked to market volatility.

On the market movement, Omega Trend determines two trend lines based on the volatility background. This means that you're able to detect emerging opportunities on basis of the market movements in all directions.
Each of these trend lines stands for two independent trading strategies. It's your choice to implement one of them that best fits your risk profile and trading objectives.

Omega Trend includes an advanced money management system, a position protection system, and is Very Stable and Secure.

Trading Idea

Omega Trend is designed on well-established rules that enable it to run both in up and down markets. Its core algorithm is based on the fundamental trading truism: Volatility equals profits.
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Omega Trend Criteria

Refund Policy

60 days Money-back guarantee.


1 Real Account + 3 Demo Accounts on both Omega Trend EA + Omega Trend Indicator.


Completely compatible with currency trading rules and regulations.
Runs with any NFA regulated broker.


Lifetime support and FREE Upgrades.

Compatible Brokers

Any MT4 broker including ECN ones, while we Recommend Installing Omega Trend on TradingFX VPS Forex VPS and Using it on IC Markets, Tickmill, or Alpari Forex brokers for the Best Stability and Profitability.


All accounts including MICRO, mini, and standard accounts.
Runs with 4 and 5 digits after the decimal point.

Supported Currency Pairs


MetaTrader Chart Timeframe


Live Performance

Default Settings
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Oct 13, 2020
IC Markets
Starting Balance

Omega Trend EA Intelligence

Double Trend Line Visualization

Omega Trends exclusive algorithm runs on two trend lines set to follow the market volatility, trend lines usage enables you to rapidly estimate the market opportunities.

Expert Manual Trading

You can either set Omega Trend to run automatic or use the trendlines for mannual trading, proficient traders often prefer the latter as it's perfect for full control over the trading environment.

Acceleration Factor

The trendline is dynamically recalculated by Omega Trend EA after each price bar to set it closer to current market prices; a real-time tuning that ensures optimal price level for trades exit.

Trend Hunter

A low-risk, high-profit strategy set for day-to-day trading, intending to hunt for the big-movement trends and signals best entry and exit points.

Swing Trader

A strategy for short-term price movements that detects the small swings in market direction that yeild fast profit potential.

Dynamic Entry and Exit Points

Omega Trend EA's dynamically recalculates stop loss, trailing stop, and take profits levels based on realtime market conditions automatically.

Trading Flexibility

The Trend Hunter and Swing Trader strategies automatically scan the market for opportunities and each of them can be switched on or off depending on the trader objectives and disposition.

Spread and Slippage Protection

Omega Trend EA is set to minimize price spread and slippage. Every trade performed by the EA is precisely and reliably executed.

Automatic Money Management

The trading position is carefully guarded by Omega Trend EA that automatically refines the trading strategy according to the predefined risk profile, through Omega Trend EA interface you can fully control Money Management and risk profiles.

MT4 Strategy Tester Backtests

Euro / US Dollar (EURUSD) backtests

Great Britain Pound / US Dollar (GBPUSD)

Euro / Japanese Yen (EURJPY)


Omega Trend makes use of precise refining of hundreds of trading sessions throughout a whole 12 months period, the EA professional developer team has coded their own data into a powerful prosperous tool that delivers all the time.

They have disclosed 3 simple but effective trading rules that can be used by any trader to enhance his trading performance and benefits:

Trend Spotting

Lots of macro and micro trends are generated in every trading session, these can be transformed into profits. The secret is which trend is the right one to extract pips from its most profitable portion. Omega Trend is set to be able to detect a trend close to the movement beginning.

Strategy Diversity

You can't apply a one-size-fits-all strategy in today's currency markets. Minimally you should engage two different strategies benefiting from different market movement types.
Omega Trend contains two trend indicators applying specific strategies, giving the EA enough flexibility to be fit for trading in any market.

Dynamic Entries & Exits

You will often miss many profit opportunities and get unnecessary account drawdown if you depend on static entry and exit points especially if your EA predefines them and not taking volatility as its primary determining factor.
Omega Trend has overcome this by tying stop loss, trailing stop, and take profit points dynamically to the market volatility.

Omega Trend merges all of the previous three profit strategies in one potent trading system that is perfect in volatile currency markets.

Omega Trend Indicator

Omega Trend package includes the powerful Omega Trend Indicator as a separate tool; the one-two punch, traders have been seeking for years.
As Omega Trend provides you with up-to-date signals to trade the dominant trend profitably, Omega Trend Indicator is undercover analyzing the market and generating key insights for emerging opportunities.

Bottom Line

The most interesting in Omega Trend is that its trading signals are always in line with the initial market and trend direction. Omega Trend doesn't compete with the market, it runs with it, together, to get the best of its hidden profits.

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Chakrradar Raok Tues, 16 Aug 2016
iam purchasad omega trand EA and omega indicator very ammiging and and execellent , but one important , this EA not trading in GBPUAD AND EURJPY, WHY I DONT KNOW , SO PLS SEE AND PARAMETARS OR SETTING SEND TO ME as early as possibole
thak you ,

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