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As a Trader, with StrategyQuant X you can Enjoy the following

  • Find high quality, robust, uncorrelated trading strategies automatically.
  • Change the way you trade and build portfolio of profitable trading strategies without programming skills!

All you need for your Trading is here

  • StrategyQuant X Software

    All-in-one solution which allows everyone to create new strategies for any market and timeframe.

  • Portfolio of Trading Strategies

    Well balanced portfolio which passed all StrategyQuant X's robustness tests and you can immediately test it in your trading platform.

  • Complete Education Package

    StrategyQuant X's detailed step-by-step online course will teach you how to build your own profitable trading strategies.

How will StrategyQuant X help you to become a Successful Algorithmic Trader?

  1. Strategy Generating

    Generate thousands of trading strategies based on advanced machine learning.

  2. Quality Testing

    Select only the best trading strategies based on results of advanced back-tests and optimization tools.

  3. Live Trading

    Export strategies into trading platform and trade them live.

Complete Online Education

  • Institutional online trading course which step-by-step explains everything starting with generating strategies and ending with portfolio creation and live trading.
  • You will obtain lifetime access to the course so you can adjust speed of studying according to your preferences.
  • You can ask your question on forum and experienced traders will answer
  • Many StrategyQuant X's users are successful traders and you are obtaining ticket to this great community

Bonus Portfolio of Strategies

  • Well diversified portfolio for indexes.
  • Tested on a live account.
  • SP500, Dow Jones, Nasdaq and DAX strategies.

Join StrategyQuant X's Community of 23392 Traders from more than 119 Countries till Date

Step by step StrategyQuant X professionals team have grown into a community of traders from all around the world that are sharing, following and developing strategies in a friendly environment. You don't need to go this path alone and reinvent the wheel.

Start building on the foundation laid by StrategyQuant X's community.

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Published On Fri, 24 Nov 2023

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