BIG Waka Waka Update

After dedicating several months to enhancing Waka Waka Valery Trading - the EA developer - has announced the launch of the v4.29 update!

This update introduces +30 new parameters, many in response to client requests. These additions aim to improve Waka's performance, offering greater flexibility to adapt to the preferences of each one of you. Additionally, the update enhances Waka's compatibility with the demands of multiple prop firms.

Some of Waka's new parameters

Portfolio Mode

Allows you to run more than one set file (instance of the EA) and/or my other EAs (instances of Perceptrader AI and Golden Pickaxe) on the same account so that the EAs do not open new initial trades simultaneously

Max Daily Drawdown Type FTMO

Allows you to customize the daily drawdown calculation type, depending on your prop firm's requirements

Force Basket Closure once the Initial Order is Closed

Option to force basket closure once the initial order/trade is closed by TP or by manual intervention

Send Push Notifications after this Level [0-disabled]

Sends a push notification if a trade above the specified level is opened. You need to allow push notifications in the terminal settings and specify your MetaQuotes ID

Max Floating Drawdown % for each Symbol

Allows you to specify the max. drawdown % separately for each symbol (good option for additional risk management)

News Filter Actions

Prohibit opening of the initial trade, Prohibit opening of all trades, Close all open trades - news filtering action, as required by various prop firms

Added machine-learning filtering

Check the full list in the PDF guide

How to update Waka Waka

  • Website - Download the new version through your user dashboard, and then replace the .ex4/5 files on your MetaTrader terminal files.
  • ValeryVPS - Update the .ex4/5 files automatically by clicking on the "Update_EAs_from_website.bat" file you'll find in the "Useful links" folder of your VPS.
  • MQL5 - The update will happen automatically on your MQL5 VPS.
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Published On Sun, 24 Dec 2023

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