Discover the performance mysteries of your own EA

EA Analyzer - EAA - is an easy-to-use tool that can import your MetaTrader4 backtest or trading reports and compute significantly advanced statistics that are mentioned later in this post.

Strategyquant EA Analyzer Pro is an ideal solution for both junior and expert traders who seek a new solid tee. To get involved you need to perform a few simple steps, so even if you are not an expert, you can easily be familiar with the formula.

Lots of traders have already been using it and almost none of them gave any bad impression about EA Analyzer Pro confirming that it's a real non-scam one and will certainly work effectively!

Strategyquant EA Analyzer Pro works simply by concentrating on creating masterly tips and methods that will definitely secure enough help for you, it is so user-friendly and will perform well for everybody!

Strategyquant EA Analyzer Pro Features:

  • Sophisticated statistics:

    EA Analyzer Pro can generate statistic reports like Sharpe Ratio, Return/Drawdown ratio, AHPR, Z-Score, Deviation, Expectancy.

  • Stagnation:

    This report calculates exactly the periods length through which your strategy didn't generate profits.

  • Average profits:

    This report calculates average daily, monthly and annually profits.

    Average profits
  • Monthly performance table:

    Strategy performance is split to every single month of every trading year.

    Monthly performance table
  • Performance by day of week or hour:

    Detects the most profitable days of week and hours for your strategy.

    Performance by day of week or hour
  • Switch between pips/money/pct value:

    Switching between profit in pips, profit in money or profit in percent can give you different evaluations on your EA or strategy.

    Switch between pips/money/pct value
  • Possibility to import MT4 account statements New in v.2:

    Your own real or demo account statement can be imported and analyzed by EA Analyzer Pro.

    Possibility to import MT4 account statements
  • Portfolio report:

    One portfolio can include more than one strategy backtest to generate a combined report for them and your whole portfolio results can be analyzed too.

    Portfolio report
  • Drawdown chart New in v.2:

    Drawdown together with equity can be now displayed in a chart.

    Drawdown chart
  • Portfolio correlation analysis New in v.2:

    Different strategies/symbols in your portfolio could generate overlapping trades, a complete correlational analysis between them can now be performed.

    Portfolio correlation analysis
  • Separate stats and charts for long vs short:

    Long and short sides can be displayed separately as results or charts immediately revealing equity of each direction.

    Separate stats and charts for long vs short
  • Over 20 different performance charts:

    • Trades by Hour, Weekday, Day, Month, Year.
    • Profit/Loss by Hour, Weekday, Day, Month, Year.
    • Long vs Short Trades, Long vs Short Profit.
    • Wins/Losses by Hour, Weekday, Day, Month.
    • Wins/Losses Profits by Hour, Weekday, Day, Month.
    Over 20 different performance charts
  • What If scenarios New in v.2:

    If you want to know what would happen if you trade on particular day or hour or with different settings in the same period, you can simulate that.

    What If scenarios
  • Monte Carlo analysis New in v.2:

    Monte Carlo analysis can now be performed on your strategy to get better evaluation of its performance and strength.
    What is Monte Carlo analysis and what is its significance? (SOON).

    Monte Carlo analysis
  • Equity Control analysis New in v.2:

    Analysis on different equity control options can now be performed.
    What is Equity control? (SOON).

    Equity Control analysis

Advantage of Strategyquant EA Analyzer Pro v.2:

  1. Lots of new functions and features are now available in the program!
  2. It's characterized by the lowest price among similar services / tools.
  3. User friendly and can be used by any trader with a.
  4. Great savings in your purchase and various helpful bonuses in addition to a sixty day refund policy are provided by the owners team.
  5. An incredibly honest merchandise displayed its guidelines together with to the item.

Disadvantages of Strategyquant EA Analyzer Pro:

Not yet found.


Strategyquant EA Analyzer Pro is considered an entirely 100% genuine tool on testing. The owners team for your comfortable investing have provided 100% cash back in case you found it non-working, despite this money back guarantee, refund rates are almost zero as most of its customers are satisfied and happy. We can responsibly tell you that it's not necessarily scam and it really works.

Published On Fri, 11 Apr 2014

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