Evening Scalper PRO Reaches All Time-Highs

Recently, one of Valery Trading's non-grid products, Evening Scalper PRO, reached new all-time highs, as can be seen on this MyFxBook account where the EA has been running with default settings since inception:

Evening Scalper PRO Trading Live for Almost 2 Years

While the current market is challenging for most scalping systems, including the Night Hunter PRO and most long-term systems of other developers, the Evening Scalper PRO managed to reach new highs. Not only that, but it also managed to get the best-scoring month (when measured with constant risk) in its entire live history!

Best Trading Day in Entire Live History

The result is a bit less impressive on all pairs the EA trades, but the EA also achieved a new all-time high on an alternative account trading twice as many pairs.

For those who prefer portfolio trading, the result of a low-risk Night Hunter PRO + Evening Scalper PRO account is also positive and reached a new high recently.

Of course, like any other non-grid trading system, Evening Scalper PRO had and will have drawdowns along the way. On the other side, this system has SL and TP on every trade, making it very robust and secure against possible market downturns. Many people would like to use trading systems without grid trading and averaging, which is why we have these products. It's a good choice for those who prefer not to use grid trading, as proven by profitable live trading on various real accounts.

Published On Sun, 3 Mar 2024

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