One Forex Legend is Reborn!

FxAutomater has recently updated its legendary Forex Combo System! the worldwide first ever US copyright protected MQL trading system.

It's the only one 4 in 1 Forex robot on the market and has been optimized and improved according to the latest market conditions.

It now supports 2 new currency pairs; EURAUD and EURCAD, beside the already supported and best performer EURUSD and GBPUSD.

As a reminder, the system has 4 fully independent integrated trading strategies:

  1. Scalping strategy.
  2. Trend Detection strategy.
  3. Market Corrections strategy.
  4. Range Detection strategy.

So that its performance should be unbeatable as a very robust and long-term profitable system. For more details you can read the Forex Combo System Review Article.

It also has now a NEWS FILTER, EMAIL and Mobile PUSH notification systems!

There's more! Currently it's price is 50% Discounted! DON'T MISS IT! Less than One Day is Left for that discount!

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Published On Thurs, 29 Nov 2018

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