Published on Tue May 27th, 2014

In point of fact, using a trend/counter-trend EA tool you are very likely losing 10-15 pips per trade.

Unrealistic but true!

Here's how to this is happening!

The majority of EA's are not set to deal with the sharp action in volatile markets – particularly with EUR/USD pair trading.

In that case, the EA trend signals are sent too late – this costs you money.

Then, the new trendline will take too long to be predicted by the EA's algorithm – this wastes time and causes more pips loss.

The more worsening, the majority of EAs don't detect a trend reversal in the right time – wasting more and more profits.

That's why Omega Trend EA is a fantastic tool!

Check it up for yourself ==> Omega Trend EA Official Website

Omega Trend was primarily designed to detect and exploit session-spanning trends. Omega Trend will detect the trend and signal the right entry, take-profit, and stop-loss levels.

And this is the good part â€Â¦

A unique built-in Acceleration Factor of Omega Trend EA besieges the market by its dual trendlines to prevent any reporting delay of the EA than the actual market conditions.

Omega Trend EA has many other tricks up its sleeve.

Later we could talk more about its Dual Trendline / Dual Strategy feature, its Dynamic trading signals and more â€Â¦

But if you prefer to discover these features by yourself proceed here – Omega Trend EA Official Website

P.S. Don't postpone your decision to own a copy of this EA for long – they have a killer price that is not predicted to be this low for too much longer!

Omega Trend EA Official Website

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