Grid Master PRO Version 1.8 Update!

The latest release of Grid Master PRO v1.8 is now available from FXAutomater, which comes with a variety of valuable enhancements and features. Updates include:

  1. New Parameter: NoConcurrentTrades

    The "NoConcurrentTrades" parameter provides powerful risk management capabilities. Having this option enabled or disabled will allow you to trade on all supported pairs simultaneously in one account. Upon setting this parameter to true, Grid Master PRO will not engage in trading if other supported pairs are already open. Multi-pair traders will benefit from this option, as it allows a more controlled and safer trading environment.

    You can make use of this feature by setting "NoConcurrentTrades=true" on all Grid Master PRO charts.

  2. Bug Fix in MT5 Version

    The Grid Master PRO MT5 version has been updated to fix an incorrect error message in the log. As a result of this fix, the MetaTrader 5 platform will operate more smoothly, ensuring a seamless trading experience.

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It is now possible to download Grid Master PRO version 1.8 from FxAutomater website. Updates can be made whenever you like.

Published On Sun, 14 Jan 2024

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