The commercial EAs generosity interested me so much, so I began to check out this and that EA, collect some backtesting, read deeper into what the authors and other reviewers and traders are saying and so on, only to find out that most of them are scams or copies. I figured that I have probably to do this to give a hand to the ordinary EA buyer, so I started this blog as a means to spot a light at mysterious EAs. I then it turned into a means to detect solid EAs; a much easier mission as they are very few. In the hope to be able to put your hand on an EA you liked and share your experiences with it in the blog comments.


Since this started as a fully independent review website, after it took its full shape, it didn't continue as it started, it then costed me so much effort and time and I always choose to work on a paid project instead of writing a review.

Copyrighted Material

Here we don't support publishing or providing cracked EAs or pirated trading methods, if you are looking for somthing like that, you need to start looking somewhere else – you will not find any EA or download link for any copyrighted material here.

In addition, if you read a review of an EA that you might want to run on your live account, my advice is: buy it. Never use a cracked copy; by buying it, not only do you are supporting the developer, but you also get updates and upgrades (in most cases) and be certain that the trading it's going to perform is authentic. Plus, if it ran nicely as in the reviews, chances are it's gonna get back its cost.


If you think I there is something fake or just mis-explained, simply post a comment about that. This will be updated when necessary. If you paid for one of the EAs reviewed, feel free to share your experience running it with us in the comments, even if it didn't go the way you expected; I'd prefer this website to be an informative resource as it used to be from the start rather than being an advertising one. All comments are via facebook which can't be censored by me, as long as they're respectful and devoid of any foul language, they will be shown to every one, otherwise they will be shown only to your friends.

EA authors

If you are an EA author and would like to see a review about it here, feel free to contact us about it, but be aware that I might choose not to add a review if your EA isn't a great performer.

EA traders

Did you notice an EA floating on the surface and you'd like to read a review about it? Contact us and we will see if it worthed reviewing it.

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