Waka Waka Review Introduction

A successful trading system must not only produce positive results but also allow you to maintain them in the long term, as the top performers in the industry do. Waka Waka can help in that!

Trading Idea

Waka Waka is a professionally developed grid system with built-in risk settings that you can choose from, ranging from Low to High.

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Waka Waka Criteria


Lifetime license for 10 MetaTrader 4 or 5 Accounts with 3 different trading sets & user dashboard access.

Broker / VPS Recommendation

In order to get the best achievable stability and profitability, we recommend using Waka Waka on IC Markets, Tickmill, or Alpari Forex Brokers in conjunction with TradingFX VPS Forex VPS.

MT5 Compatibility

An MT5 version of Waka Waka is available.


Free future lifetime updates are included.

User Guide

  • Easy to follow "How to install" videos.
  • Strategy & risk management guide.

Client Support

  • Access to exclusive Telegram group.
  • 1 on 1 support from the developer (Valeriia).
  • Remote desktop configuration.

FREE Bonuses

  1. Volatility filter indicator.
  2. 6 months of ValeryVPS.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

In the extremely unlikely case that you do not LOVE Waka Waka, the EA vendor - ensures that she is willing to return every cent you paid to her, immediately, and with no questions asked.

Not only that, but she promised also to offer you this incredible guarantee for a long period of 30 days (while the MQL market only does it for 7 days, and most Expert Advisor selling sites do not offer it at all).

Supported Currency Pairs


MetaTrader Chart Timeframe


MyFxBook Verified Real Money Trading Result Statements

Default Settings
Started On
Feb 04, 2018
Ice FX
Starting Balance
Started On
Jun 04, 2018
Starting Balance
High Risk
Started On
Mar 28, 2023
IC Markets
Starting Balance

Trading Strategy

Waka Waka was designed to exploit market inefficiencies.

Waka Waka uses real market mechanics to make profits.

Waka Waka optimized to achieve stable profits in the long run.

Risk Management

Unusual market movements can cause certain trading systems, particularly ones using grid strategy on certain pairs to lose a lot of money.

Waka Waka is designed to not only survive the worst markets but to even make you profit from them, with 3 different built-in risk settings for any risk appetite. Ranging from low to significant risk, you will be able to configure your Waka Waka EA in a way that you always maintain control over your invested capital.

Logically, the higher the risk, the higher the potential rewards.

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