[Smart Forex] How to Profit from a Strategy Drawdown?
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Drawdown periods can infect a generally up equity curve of any stable Forex strategy periodically, which on backtesting seem to be easily manageable but in real trading they usually cause a headache! Depth and Length of a Drawdown Period Beside the definition of drawdown in the previous post it can be also defined as the maximum loss of money that occurred between two equity high points of the same value, measured in percentage of equity. For example, if the Forex account balance reached $10,000
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As a Forex trading beginner, you may think that you need to reed as much as you can to enrich your knowledge and get a successful business, while this could be true, reading Forex trading books alone would give you just a minimum idea about a complicated Forex trading career, moreover, you may find those books hardly understood and get bored quickly as the majority of the Forex books out there are written for professionals and can't help beginners. The same is for the huge number of videos