Forex Gold Investor Version 1.94 Now Available!

FXAutomater has recently announced the release of Forex Gold Investor Version 1.94, their latest upgrade designed to enhance their customers' trading experience and provide superior risk management capabilities. With this new update, FXAutomater have incorporated essential drawdown protection features to safeguard their customers' investments more effectively.

What's New in Version Forex Gold Investor 1.94?

Enhanced Drawdown Protection

  1. Max Daily Loss (Currency).
  2. Max Daily Drawdown (%).
  3. Min Equity (Currency).
  4. Max Equity Drawdown (%).
  5. Max Equity (Currency).
  6. Loss Pause (Hours).

Advanced Control Panel

FXAutomater have also introduced an advanced control panel that allows traders using Forex Gold Investor to customize these parameters according to their trading preferences and risk tolerance. This powerful tool offers greater control and flexibility over traders' trading strategy, ensuring that they operate within the boundaries that they feel most comfortable with.

Forex Gold Investor Version 1.94 Control Panel

How to Access the New Features?

To start using these new features, traders using Forex Gold Investor need to update the EA to its latest version from their client area. FXAutomater's support team is ready to help their customers at any time if anyone needs any assistance during the update process or has questions about configuring his new settings.

FXAutomater ensure that these improvements will make a significant difference in managing their clients' trades and enhancing their trading outcomes. As always, they are committed to providing their clients with the best tools and resources to help them achieve success in the forex markets.

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Published On Thurs, 18 Apr 2024

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