New version 1.4 of Grid Master PRO has been Released

FXAutomater would like to inform you that they have released a new version of Grid Master PRO. The new version is 1.4. The new version is available for downloading in the member area.

    FXAutomater have made some improvements as follows:

  1. FXAutomater have changed the logic of opening the recovery trades

    After making many tests, FXAutomater found that they can improve the recovery trades in Grid Master PRO by changing the logic behind. The recovery trades in the new version are openinig in better time and at better conditions. This of course impacts positively on the performance of Grid Master PRO.

  2. FXAutomater have optimized the settings

    They have made some optimizations and improvements according to the current market conditions.

  3. FXAutomater have added additional information on the info panel

    They have added the following information on the info panel:

    • Number of currently opened trades.
    • Total lot size of all currently opened trades.

    Additional Info

  4. FXAutomater have added separate buttons for closing BUY and SELL trades

    They have improved the design of the trading/closing buttons. They have added separate buttons for closing BUY and SELL trades. This will allow traders precisely to use these buttons for manual trading.

    Trading Buttons

  5. FXAutomater have made the buttons to work immediately after clicking

    Now the buttons work immediately after clicking on them. In the previous version they were working on new M1 bar opening time. FXAutomater have improved this and made the buttons to work immediately.

  6. FXAutomater have fixed the problem with testing on MT5

    There was a problem in MT5 strategy tester. It was impossible to test Grid Master PRO. FXAutomater have fixed this and traders who use MT5 version can do their tests and optimizations from now on.

There are many major updates in the new version 1.4. Therefore it is mandatory to update to the new version

Published On Wed, 10 Mar 2021

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