Forex Gold Investor Version 1.94 Now Available!
Forex Gold Investor

FXAutomater has recently announced the release of Forex Gold Investor Version 1.94, their latest upgrade designed to enhance their customers' trading experience and provide superior risk management capabilities. With this new update, FXAutomater have incorporated essential drawdown protection features to safeguard their customers' investments more effectively. What's New in Version Forex Gold Investor 1.94? ...

The Next Forex System for Your Trading Portfolio - LeapFX Recent Updates
LeapFX Trading Academy

If you are looking for the next Forex system to add to your trading portfolio that has the perfect balance of strong profit growth and monthly consistency. Then LeapFX Trading Academy have 3 very strong contenders you should consider trading – today that will grow your accounts and put a massive smile on your face.

How is EA Trading Academy so Valuable for every Forex Trader?
EA Trading Academy

What EA Trading Academy Introduce for Forex Traders? EA Trading Academy is a website dedicated to providing valuable information and resources specifically for forex traders. It offers a wide range of educational tools, courses, and strategies to help traders navigate the complex world of foreign exchange trading. EA Trading Academy offers a wide range of educational resources, including e-books, articles, and video tutorials, to help traders gain a deeper...

Waka Waka's Significant Drawdown in the Last Week
Waka Waka

Last week, the main Waka Waka account suffered a significant drawdown. It wouldn't be transparent or realistic to celebrate Waka's milestones and not address important events like this one, so it's covered in full. In the first place, if you are trading with Waka or any other grid system and not using any risk management with it, I strongly recommend setting up proper risk management right now...

Express Generator is the Only and Fastest Command Line Backtester and Strategy Generator
Express Generator

Traders can generate strategies without internet access using the Express Generator. The software works three to four times faster than EA Studio, and it automates everything. Using Express Generator, traders also can download historical data, create strategies with predefined acceptance criteria, and analyze them by Monte Carlo with one click. With Express Generator, every step of the process is automated, complementing EA Studio and FSB Pro.

Generate, Automate, and Export Ready-to-Use Expert Advisors using FSB
Forex Strategy Builder

EA Trading Academy Forex Strategy Builder Professional is a powerful software tool that allows traders to generate, automate, and export Expert Advisors (EAs) for their Forex trading strategies. This document will guide you through the process of utilizing this software to create and export ready-to-use EAs.

How to Build Strategies for GOLD using StrategyQuant?
StrategyQuant X

Building strategies for GOLD (Gold Investment) using StrategyQuant X can be a straightforward and efficient process. StrategyQuant X is a powerful software tool that specializes in creating trading strategies for various financial instruments, including GOLD. By leveraging its capabilities, you can automate the entire building process, saving you time and effort.

Trading Psychology in Forex and Trade Copying
IC Markets

Trading psychology plays a crucial role in the success and failure of traders in the forex market. It refers to the mental and emotional factors that impact a trader's decision-making process and overall performance. In this document, we will discuss the importance of trading psychology in forex and trade copying, highlighting the key factors that need to be considered.

News Catcher Pro Relaunched - Now Stronger and More Reliable!
Valery Trading

Valery Trading finally have announced the anticipated relaunch of News Catcher PRO! Let's dive into the journey, improvements, and what this means for Valery Trading's clients. A Look Back Launched in March 2022, News Catcher PRO's timing couldn't have been more unlucky. The global markets were rocked by unprecedented geopolitical events, leading to sharp, unpredictable movements. This environment proved challenging for News Catcher PRO, and many other Forex traders and developers shared this experience.

Benefits of Forex Strategy Builder Professional from EA Trading Academy
Forex Strategy Builder

EA Trading Academy offers a range of services and tools for traders, including Forex Strategy Builder Professional. This comprehensive platform offers several benefits that can help traders improve their trading strategies and achieve success in the forex market. Advanced Charting Tools One of the key benefits of Forex Strategy Builder Professional is the availability of advanced charting tools.

Evening Scalper PRO Reaches All Time-Highs
Evening Scalper PRO

Recently, one of Valery Trading's non-grid products, Evening Scalper PRO, reached new all-time highs, as can be seen on this MyFxBook account where the EA has been running with default settings since inception: While the current market is challenging for most scalping systems, including the Night Hunter PRO and most long-term systems of other developers, the Evening Scalper PRO managed to reach new highs. Not only that, but it also managed to get the best-scoring month ...

Bill Lipschutz Success Story and Algorithmic Trading
FX Scalper

Bill Lipschutz is considered a pioneer in the algorithmic trading industry. He is a leading figure in the finance sector, known for his insightful trading strategies and exceptional risk management abilities. Lipschutz's contributions to the field have had a lasting impact on the world of finance, revolutionizing the way traders approach the market.

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