Published on Fri Jun 25th, 2021

Chancy! Deposit $3,000 and get $10,000

Summer vacation is the best time of the year as it allows relaxation and exploring new things. It gives an opportunity to take a break from the daily study routine and adopt new hobbies like gardening, dancing, painting, and online trading, while also having fun with friends. Indeed, everyone has their own summer story which happened on vacation.

InstaForex, the well-known Asian Forex Broker has decided to have a role in this summer joy by allowing the Chancy Deposit campaign for their traders. Perhaps it will be an epic beginning for the rest of an exciting adventure on the summer vacation.

The contest will be held throughout July 2021 for a month period, at the end of which, one trading account chosen in a random way is announced as winning and credited with the prize funds. So you can keep working on Forex in your usual mode having an opportunity to become one of the lucky winners! The amount of prize funds changes every month, so don't miss your chance and make a deposit right now!

How to Participate in Chancy Deposit

  1. Open a live trading account
  2. Top up your account with 3,000 USD or more
  3. Join the contest automatically
  4. Win and get 10,000 USD as a gift

Chancy Deposit Terms and Conditions (by InstaForex)

  • General Provisions

    1. The campaign name is Chancy Deposit (hereinafter referred to as Campaign).
    2. The Campaign is organized by InstaForex Group (hereinafter referred to as Organizer).
    3. The Campaign is held monthly (hereinafter referred to as Campaign Period).
    4. The amount of prize funds changes every month.
  • Participants

    1. Legally capable customers over 18 owning live trading accounts with InstaForex Company (hereinafter referred to as Participants) may take part in the Campaign.
    2. In order to participate in the Campaign, it is necessary to replenish an InstaForex live trading account with 3000 USD or more within the Campaign Period.
  • Winners Determination

    1. Every month during the Campaign Period one winner is determined on a random basis.
  • Results Publication

    1. Results of the Campaign are published within 14 days after the Campaign is over and all necessary checks are carried out.
  • Prize Receipt

    1. In order for the winners to receive the prize, they should open and verify a trading account within 30 calendar days after the results are announced.
    2. The prize funds cannot be withdrawn, however, any profit made with the prize funds can be withdrawn without any restrictions.
    3. The trading account is automatically debited the requested amount at the moment of sending a request for withdrawal. The specialists consider the withdrawal request to make sure that the balance and free margin comply with the amount of funds available for withdrawal. In case of incompliance, the sum specified in the withdrawal request is credited back to the trading account.
    4. The Winner agrees that after any withdrawal is made the prize is being canceled in full amount.
  • Language

    1. The language of the present rules is English.
    2. For the Participant convenience, the Organizer can provide the rules in a language different from English. The translated version of the rules is of a merely informative character.
    3. In case of variant readings of a translated version and the rules in English, the rules in English are considered as a prior reference standard.

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Chancy! Deposit $3,000 and get $10,000 InstaForex, the well-known Asian Forex Broker has decided to have a role in this summer joy by allowing the Chancy Deposit campaign for their traders. Perhaps it will be an epic beginning for the rest of an exciting adventure on the summer vacation.
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