Here's ChatGPT/Bard market filter in action

Last week, we observed trending price action on the AUDCAD and NZDCAD pairs. You can see what it looked like in the screenshots:

Trending Movement Almost No Pullbacks

Trending Movement No Pullbacks

Any grid system trading long during this movement would have got a drawdown. However, the Perceptrader AI's ChatGPT/Bard filter kept us safe from it as it has clearly forbidden any buy positions for the whole week:

Bard Also Advised Against Buying NZDCAD

Of course, that's just one example, but it demonstrates how it works. The ChatGPT/Bard filter detects higher chances of trending downside movements —> notifies traders about it —> Perceptrader AI refrains from trading in the direction opposite to the potential trending movement.

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Published On Tues, 1 Aug 2023

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