GC Invest and Earn Passive Income

Invest in the strategies of professional traders and earn passive income!


How the service works

  • You choose a manager and invest in their trading strategy

  • The manager trades with their funds, and the service automatically copies their trades

  • The manager earns, and you earn too

GC Invest is the easiest and most reliable way to earn on investments

  • Best Managers

    Each trader we connect to the managers' rating has passed the selection process and proven its effectiveness.

  • Availability

    You can connect to the manager and receive income from investments with a deposit of at least 100 USD.

  • Transparency

    All data on transactions and the movement of funds are always available in your Private Office in real-time.

  • Risk Control

    The rating includes aggressive strategies with a return of 100% per month and conservative ones with a return of 20-30% per annum.

Managers’ fee

Managers provide access to copy their trades in exchange for a commission on the investor's profits.

Each manager sets the commission's size in the range of 0 to 70%.

The manager's remuneration is calculated according to the High-Water Mark (HWM) system: The manager receives remuneration from the net profit earned for the investor.

How to become an investor and start earning

  • Register, verify your account, and open an "Invest" account in your Private Office

  • Select a manager from the rating and go to the profile of their trading strategy

  • In the manager's strategy profile, click "invest" and select the investment amount

  • The manager's trades are now automatically copied, and the profit is credited to the balance of the investment strategy. Success!

Become an investor

  • How to start investing?

    Register and verify your account.
    Go to the "Investments" section and click the "Become an investor" button.
    This will automatically create an Invest account. Replenish it with an amount of 100 USD or more.
    Then choose a manager from the rating and invest in their strategy.


  • What is the minimum amount for investment?

    The minimum investment amount is 100 USD.

  • How quickly will I make a profit, and how much will I earn?

    You will receive a profit as soon as the manager closes the first trade with a profit.
    The higher the income of the manager, the greater your profit.

Published On Thurs, 22 Sep 2022

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