A Global Economic Crisis is Hidden Behind a Pandemic of Simple Pneumonia

As the BBC and economist Mohamed El Erian reported:
"Because of the" coronavirus "in the very near future, the world will face economic problems that will be more serious and widespread than anything that the majority of the population of developed countries has ever experienced."

Rather, it is not the coronavirus that will cause these economic shocks, but simply it will “hide” them (since they have been brewing for a long time) and the people will believe that their accounts will be blocked in favor of the fight against the corona virus virus, and they themselves may succumb to the “digital slavery” introduced world government.
They can implement such unpleasant things:

  • refusal of cash
  • "chipping" and tracking through bank cards
  • blocking of bank accounts
  • the introduction of compulsory vaccination under the guise of fighting the virus
  • vaccination can be the chipping of the people for the purpose of management, as in concentration camps

We urge you not to panic and take all precautions.
Special Operation Coronavirus is an operation to introduce panic and fear to the population in order to divide the world's resources, introduce concentration camps and digital slavery by the world government.

As you can see, there is much more chance of winning the lottery than getting sick with any kind of virus.
In such turbulent times, it is important to be financially independent. We can only offer one of the options for rapid capital growth.
Don't forget: the possibility of big cash wins with foreign lotteries
Well, and how to properly manage money in such a turbulent time for the world, I think you can guess !?

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Published On Wed, 21 Oct 2020

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