Impossible is Waka Waka!

Following up on Valery Trading's insightful journey into the financial markets and the intriguing case of retail participants facing uphill battles, let's delve deeper with an exciting update on the Waka Waka Expert Advisor.

Since the first days of Waka Waka online trading real money in the market back in December of 2022, the Expert Advisor has continued its streak, now boasting 22 consecutive quarters without a losing month. The sheer improbability of this achievement is even more striking when we break down the numbers: With a 40% winning probability per quarter, the chances of securing such a record stand at a staggering 1.76×10^(−9) or 0.000000176%. To put it in perspective, that's about 1 out of 568 million.

Taking a closer look at Waka Waka, assuming it to be a system that gambles on luck, the odds of it reaching 22 profitable quarters in a row would be around 0.000000176%. This means, under the assumption of randomness, fewer than 1 person out of 500 million could achieve this feat. However, acknowledging the presence of a select few professionals in the market, the actual figure likely falls somewhere between 1 in a million and 1 in 10 million.

Due to the overwhelming interest of traders in Valery Trading shared topics about their successful EA, they got the courage to share updated charts that help visualize these astonishing probabilities. These visuals further underscore the rarity of Waka Waka's success and provide a clearer understanding of the daunting odds faced by retail traders relying on luck alone.

This update reinforces the message that success in the financial markets, especially at the level seen by Waka Waka, is far from a product of chance. It suggests the exploitation of deep-seated market inefficiencies that have persisted over the years.

Valery Trading always credits their clients for their success and never forget to send their thanks to them for joining their journey on this enlightening exploration and admit that their clients' interest fuels their commitment to uncovering and sharing the truths behind financial market dynamics.

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Published On Fri, 23 Feb 2024

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