Waka Waka's Significant Drawdown in the Last Week
Waka Waka

Last week, the main Waka Waka account suffered a significant drawdown. It wouldn't be transparent or realistic to celebrate Waka's milestones and not address important events like this one, so it's covered in full. In the first place, if you are trading with Waka or any other grid system and not using any risk management with it, I strongly recommend setting up proper risk management right now...

Fri, 23 Feb 2024
Impossible is Waka Waka!
Waka Waka

Following up on Valery Trading's insightful journey into the financial markets and the intriguing case of retail participants facing uphill battles, let's delve deeper with an exciting update on the Waka Waka Expert Advisor. Since the first days of Waka Waka online trading real money in the market back in December of 2022, the Expert Advisor has continued its streak, now boasting 22 consecutive quarters without a losing month...

An Eye-popping +7800% Account Growth for 68 Months Single Shot
Waka Waka

Val here with some electrifying news! They've just hit a new world record: 68 months of continuous profit streak with their Waka Waka Expert Advisor. But that's not all! They've also achieved an eye-popping +7800% account growth. Waka Waka has been nothing short of a trading maestro, orchestrating this phenomenal growth since June 2018. Want to witness this spectacular show? Feast your eyes on Valery Trading's live account!

Mon, 25 Dec 2023
67 Months
Waka Waka

Guess what? About a month ago, Waka Waka set, once again, a world record: 67 months of continuous profit in a live account Valeriia Mishchenko's Waka Waka Expert Advisor! Valery Trading developers team ensure that they are not just talking about staying afloat; they're talking about soaring high with a staggering +7700% growth...

Sun, 24 Dec 2023
BIG Waka Waka Update
Waka Waka

After dedicating several months to enhancing Waka Waka Valery Trading - the EA developer - has announced the launch of the v4.29 update! This update introduces +30 new parameters, many in response to client requests. These additions aim to improve Waka's performance, offering greater flexibility to adapt to the preferences of each one of you. Additionally, the update enhances Waka's compatibility with the demands of multiple prop firms.

66 Consecutive Months in the Green Waka Waka New World Record
Waka Waka

Recently, Valery Trading developers team, have announced that they were thrilled to, once again, share a momentous achievement with all of their clients. Waka Waka Expert Advisor, has done it again! On November 6th, a few days ago, Valery Trading developers team have achieved 66 consecutive months of profits, setting a new world record within the Expert Advisor niche. What makes this achievement even more remarkable is ...

+7200% Account Growth, +64 Months in Profit and New World Record
Waka Waka

As Waka Waka continues its journey towards excellence, it has reached another significant milestone today: A new world record has been achieved by Valery Trading in the Expert Advisor niche by achieving 64 consecutive months of profit. Achieving this result demonstrates Waka Waka Expert Advisor's enduring strength. Valeriia Mishchenko - the EA chief developer - ensures that she is ...

Waka Waka World Record, Again!
Waka Waka

Yesterday, on 6th August 2023, Waka Waka achieved yet another monumental milestone in its journey to greatness: Valery Trading, the EA creators team, has reached an astonishing 63 consecutive months in profit, for which they still hold the world record in the Expert Advisor niche. To have 63 months of consistent profits is a testament to the unwavering power of their Expert Advisor's trading strategy. They claim this fills them with immense pride to see how far they've come...

A Deep Vision of Risk Management and Grid Systems
Waka Waka

Every once in a while, I write posts about risk management and how to use it correctly. However, my previous posts were rather short. This time, I would like to dive deeper into this topic and cover everything essential about it in relation to Waka Waka and pretty much all other grid systems. Money management The first thing I always start with is money management. Simply put, it's how big the lot size you want to open in relation to your deposit size. In Waka Waka and Golden Pickaxe

WAKA WAKA New Record - 62 Months in Profit
Waka Waka

Mischenko Valeria; Waka Waka developer has recently announced that she is thrilled that the EA once again reached an extraordinary milestone. Waka Waka has now achieved 62 consecutive months in profit, showcasing the Expert Advisor's trading strategy's unwavering consistency and reliability. She wishes to continue with her clients to surpass world records, as Waka Waka demonstrates exceptional growth.