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Earn rewards from investors for profitable trading

Become a Manager

How the service works

  • You create a strategy and start trading.

  • The investor selects your strategy from the rating and invests in it.

  • You trade with your funds, and your trades are automatically copied to the investor.

  • You earn on trading and additionally receive a commission from the profits of your investors.

Multiply your trading income

Connecting investors to your trading strategy can earn several times more on commissions than with a regular trading goal. Enter your values ​​into the calculator and see for yourself!

GC Invest — copy-trading at a new level

  • Full automation

    Starting with connecting investors and ending with the remuneration payment, You just have to trade and enjoy the result.

  • Large coverage

    More than 10,000 investors with an average deposit of 524 USD use the service every month.

  • Transparent statistics

    The profitability of your trade is visually displayed on the chart. All statistics on investors can be viewed in your Private Office.

  • PR support

    With publicly active managers, we conduct promotional and PR campaigns to increase the reach of strategies.

Reward system

The remuneration is calculated according to the High-Water Mark (HWM) system: the manager receives a commission from the investors' net profit.

You set the amount of the desired commission in the range from 0 to 70%.

The commission is credited to your Invest account every Monday at 17:00 trading terminal time.

How to become a manager and get into the rating

  • Register, verify your account, and open an "Invest" account in your Private Office.

  • Create a trading strategy and make at least 30 trades.

  • The system will automatically check your trade. If the return is positive, the strategy is ranked.

  • Strategy is in the rating — now investors can connect to it. Success!

Become a Manager

  • How to connect an investor to my strategy?

    While you are trading, investors connect to your strategy by rating managers.

    The better your results, the higher your place in the ranking. The higher you rank, the more often investors pay attention to your strategy and connect to it.

    If you want to connect with more investors, share a link to your strategy profile on social networks.

    We actively advertise our service, and your strategy will not go unnoticed.

  • How is the manager's remuneration calculated and paid?

    The reward is paid every Monday at 17:00 terminal time. You receive remuneration only for transactions closed before this point.

    The service calculates remuneration according to the High-water mark system. The general principle is simple: managers only receive a commission when their strategy makes a profit for investors.

    The manager receives a commission from this profit of 0 to 70%. They set the commission percentage themselves and can change it.


    Let's analyze the High-water mark (HWM) system in more detail.

    The high-water mark is a reward system in which managers receive their commission only when they generate a net profit for the investor. HWM is calculated from the accounts of investors, and this calculation is individual for each investor.

    When an investor connects to your strategy, the system automatically sets the first High-water mark at the level of their initial investment.

    You, as a manager, trade according to your strategy. At the end of the first trading period, the system automatically checks the strategy against the Equity and Balance of the investor account to calculate your commission. It is paid only if both indicators on the investor's account are above the first level of the High-water mark.

    Suppose the check by the High-water mark system was successful. In that case, the value of the previous HWM level is subtracted from the current Balance of the investor — this is the investor's profit for the trading period. From it, the investor pays your commission.

    The new HWM level is the investor's balance after paying the first commission.


    The investor made an initial deposit of 1000 USD. After one trading period, they had 1100 USD. Manager's commission — 30%. Funds over 1000 USD.

    The manager fee (30 USD) is paid, and the HWM level is upgraded to 1070 USD.

    Further, for the commission to be paid next time, the Balance and Funds must be more than 1070 USD at the end of the next period. If one of the indicators is less, no commission is paid. And will not be paid as long as both indicators are below 1070 USD.

    This is the calculation procedure for one investor. If several investors connect to you, each pays a commission for your profitable trading and sometimes increases your income.

  • How is the rating of managers formed? How to become a leader?

    Our service automatically generates managers' ratings using a flexible filter system that considers profitability for different periods, strategy age, and balance. Investors independently set filters depending on their interests.

    When calculating, the system does not consider your open positions and ranks all managers based on already closed deals.

    The default rating displays a list of managers by profitability. The more profitable your trade, the higher your strategy is on the list, and the more investors will see you.

    The rating is updated daily.

Published On Fri, 23 Sep 2022

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