Significant Perceptrader AI Update

Since releasing Perceptrader AI, Valery Trading developers team claimed that they received many suggestions to improve the Expert Advisor and make it more flexible for different types of traders, with different needs and wants. Therefore, they've made a compilation of all of them and implemented the ones that can enhance the EA the most.

Here's what's new

  • Added a new parameter - 'Portfolio Mode'

    Thit allows you to run more than one set file (instance of the EA) and/or Valery Trading's other EAs (instances of Waka Waka and Golden Pickaxe) on the same account so that the EAs do not open new initial trades simultaneously.

    Please note that set files of the same EA must have a unique UID!

    For example, if you run 2 set files on the same account and want to prevent the same pair from being opened by both set files simultaneously, then the recommended setting is as follows:

    First set file: Portfolio Mode=true, UID=0
    Second set file: Portfolio Mode=true, UID=1

    The time delay will be set automatically based on the UID value. This is necessary to ensure one set file recognizes the opened trades of another and skips the trading signal.

  • Consider WAKA Orders (Portfolio Mode only)

    The EA will take into account open trades of Waka Waka in portfolio mode.

  • Consider GP Orders (Portfolio Mode only)

    The EA will take into account open trades of Golden Pickaxe in portfolio mode.

  • Volatility Filter (Optional, 0-disabled)

    The value of the volatility filter that allows you to avoid risky trades during periods of high volatility. This option was requested by a customer, and it's not recommended to be used, as the intraday and daily volatility values are already used as 'inputs' in the neural network to filter trades.

  • The neural network was retrained

    More data sets were added to the training data.

  • Changed the risk values in the predefined MM presets to match the Waka Waka presets

    • High Risk Set (1.5% load)
    • Significant Risk Set (1.0% load)
    • Mid Risk Set (0.5% load)
    • Low Risk Set (0.25% load)

Here's how to update

MQL5 - The update will happen automatically on your MQL5 VPS.

Valery Trading website - You can download the new version through your user dashboard or by clicking here, and then replace the .ex4/5 files on your MetaTrader terminal files.

ValeryVPS - You can update the .ex4/5 files automatically by clicking on the "Update_EAs_from_website.bat" file you'll find in the "Useful links" folder of your VPS.

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Published On Tues, 22 Aug 2023

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