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FX Classic Trader swings between Support/Resistances with continuous indicators analysis & calculations by a really unique trade algorithm to decide when to close and open transactions.

Last Updated On: Sun, 7 Feb 2021
The Onyx Scalper has an integrated trading algorithm combining a number of technical indicators that reveal data on currency charts to form an easy to read and handle trader's dashboard with distinct color-differentiated buy and sell trading signals that generate alerts sent via the trading platform pop-ups, SMS, and email.
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Last Updated On: Tues, 13 Mar 2018
FxMath Stochastic Trader employs multiple trading strategies working together, basically the trend / swing strategy.
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Last Updated On: Thurs, 23 Jun 2016
As a non-Grid, non-Martingale system, RayBOT relies for its trading on price swings between Support / Resistance levels. It is a frequent trader achieving a trading rate of about 5 to 10 trades a week on each currency pair.
Last Updated On: Sat, 26 Sep 2015
Based on a special statistics concept, Swing Trader PRO keeps a linear model track of trading price action, what's called Linear Regression that determines the price action bouncing range and its flowing direction. This is very similar to trend trading, but much more sophisticated, and highly precise.
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REV Trader PRO is not a martingale or a grid strategy-based robot. It monitors the vertical pattern swings and determines the highs and lows and uses the data to make an entry on the reversal of market movement. It employs built-in unique brilliant filters to detect false trade signals.
It trades in baskets of up to 3 orders with won: lost pips per trade ratio of almost 1:1 and it exits using a trailing stop.
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