None Stoppable, Valeriia Mishchenko Plans for 2024!

As Christmas has just finished and the New Year's holiday is over, Valery Trading, the well-known EA developers team members send their wishes to all their customers and then continue to work for the new year, perfectly as usual.

They've shared a sneak peek of what's on the horizon for them in 2024:

  • New Expert Advisor: A new EA release that is based on a strategy that they've been testing and optimizing for almost one year in live accounts with amazing results.
  • Expert Advisors Updates: To keep pace with market trends, they'll be rolling out updates across all their Expert Advisors.
  • Advancing AI Technologies: Valery Trading's focus on integrating cutting-edge AI technologies will enhance their existing and upcoming Expert Advisors.
  • User Dashboard Enhancements: Get ready for custom analytics, performance metrics, and trading graphics, along with AI-powered tools, elevating your experience to new heights.
  • Dashboard Functionality Improvements: Valery Trading are taking their user dashboard's current features and functionalities to the next level.
  • Adaptations for Prop-Firm Trading: Valery Trading's Expert Advisors and complimentary tools are being fine-tuned for both challenges and funded accounts in prop-firm trading.
  • Customer Support System Overhaul: Expect faster response times and a more personalized experience, thanks to improvements to their customer care systems and expanded customer care team.
  • New Website with Improved UI/UX: A revamped website is coming, designed for ease and efficiency.
  • Expanded Resources: Valery Trading will be adding to their PDF guides, and help center, and introducing new back-testing and tutorial videos.
  • Exclusive Bundle Package: Their customers will be able to access all their Expert Advisors at a significant discount.
  • Crypto Trading Solution Launch: After several months of hard work Valery Trading will be soon ready to allow their clients to dive into the world of crypto trading with their latest offering.

Valery Trading developers team ensure that they've been diligently working behind the scenes on these improvements and features for many months. The wait is almost over, as they'll soon start rolling them out.

Starting this week, Valery Trading will begin updating their clients on each of these exciting new features. These updates will surely be published here on

Stay tuned and brace yourself for a year brimming with innovation and growth from Valeriia Mishchenko.

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Published On Sun, 7 Jan 2024

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