Perceptrader AI Review Introduction

Perceptrader AI is built upon Waka Waka’s proven trading strategy, and seamlessly integrates with ChatGPT and Google's Bard for accurate forecasts, empowering traders with intelligent decision-making capabilities.

Trading Idea

Perceptrader AI is a cutting-edge grid trading system that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence, utilizing Deep Learning algorithms and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) to analyze big amounts of market data at a high speed and detect high-potential trading opportunities to exploit.

Perceptrader AI Criteria


Lifetime license for 10 MetaTrader 4 or 5 Accounts with 3 different trading sets & user dashboard access.

Broker / VPS Recommendation

Perceptrader AI isn't sensible to broker selection, for which you can diversify and scale your investment. While in order to get the best achievable stability and profitability, we recommend using it on IC Markets, Tickmill, or Alpari Forex brokers in conjunction with TradingFX VPS Forex VPS.

MT5 Compatibility

An MT5 version of Perceptrader AI is available.


Free future lifetime updates are included.

User Guide

  • Easy to follow "How to install" videos.
  • Strategy & risk management guide.

Client Support

  • Access to exclusive Telegram group.
  • 1 on 1 support from the developer (Valeriia).
  • Remote desktop configuration.


  1. Volatility filter indicator.
  2. 6 months of ValeryVPS.

Refund Policy

In the extremely unlikely case that you do not LOVE Perceptrader AI, the EA vendor - ensures that she is willing to return every cent you paid to her, immediately, and with no questions asked.

Not only that, but she promised also to offer you this incredible guarantee for a long period of 30 days (while the MQL market only does it for 7 days, and most Expert Advisor selling sites do not offer it at all).

Supported Currency Pairs


MetaTrader Chart Timeframe


MyFxBook Verified Real Money Trading Results

Default Settings
Started On
Aug 01, 2019
Default Settings
Started On
May 26, 2023
Default Settings
Started On
May 31, 2023

MT5 Strategy Tester 100% Quality Tick Data Backtests

Standard Trades

Unique Trades

Unique Trades

Trading Strategy

  • Powered by Artificial Intelligence technology:
    • Machine learning/deep learning/Perceptron.
    • Integrated with large language models (LLMs): ChatGPT/Bard algorithm allows to skip trading in case of a higher probability of significant trending movements. It should also make the system safer smartly, compared to Waka Waka.
    • Utilizes and allows to train Neural Networks.
    • Utilizes price prediction models, mathematical computing, and big data.
  • Based on Waka Waka’s proven strategy: it has a similar trading logic but utilizes AI to add extra filtering layers for high-potential profit trades.
  • It incorporates the latest AI technology, but the underlying EA has been in development for years before this release.
  • Has been in profit for 48 consecutive months till this review was updated, which can be verified both on MyFxBook and MQL5 live signal.
  • It has a feature called “Unique trades” - as it gives unique trades every time each trader runs it. No trader gets the exact same trades. That allows it not to have problems that Waka Waka might have, where a lot of people use it, and the price reverses from the TP level as a result.

What all this means for you

All these AI-related fancy words sound amazing, and while the technological advancements are real, some other dishonest players are using them to take advantage of innocent traders, who do not want to be left out of the latest trend.

What really matters is how they can help you achieve better trading results. With Perceptrader AI, you will be able to leverage the power of industry-leading Artificial Intelligence technology because:

  • You'll profit from the latest AI-powered trading techniques.
  • You'll trade with cutting-edge deep-learning algorithms.
  • You'll teach a neural network to sort data quickly and effectively.
  • You'll make smart decisions based on accurate price predictions.
  • You'll use powerful math and complex calculations to guide your trading.
  • You'll study past market data to improve future trades.
  • And it'll all happen automatically, 24/7, without you lifting a finger.

Promotional Video (by the Vendor)

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