RayBOT EA v4.0 EURUSD 8 Months Visual Backtest Video
This is a Visual Backtest Conducted to Better Understand the Trading Style and Behavior of RayBOT v4.0. This Backtest was for RayBOT v4.0 on EURUSD using a spread of 1.0 in a 99% Modelling Quality Dukascopy Tick Data Via a RoboForex ECN Real Account with the help of Tick Data Suite v1.4.6. Here is the recorded visual backtest report: RayBOT v4.0 EURUSD 8 Months Default Settings and Risk Backtest Summary View Full Backtest
RayBOT Captured The Last Week Prices High Jump
In the last week we have started engaging RayBOT on a RoboForex real account, it was performing well over the last half of that week after we've just started our test. On Fri, 1st April, all the currencies traded by the EA which are AUDUSD, EURUSD and USDCAD had their prices suddenly into a high jump, and our hero was there! On both of AUDUSD and USDCAD pairs, it has passed the first arm of the jump but reaped good pips from its rebound that followed in wonderful chart top to bottom trade
RayBOT Tick Data Backtest Vs Real Trading Feb to March 2016
A few days ago these Tick Data backtests to Live trading results comparison charts were released by Phibase, the vendors and developers of the new amazing RayBOT EA. These results are spanning from the 1st Feb to the 18th March 2016 and here they are (to enlarge an image, left click on it): Comparison Results For AUDUSD Comparison Results for EURUSD Comparison Results for USDCAD Brief Analysis of RayBot Backtest / Live Comparison The backtests used for this comparison were performed using tick