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FX Multicore Review Introduction

These COREs of FX Multicore each have their own unique strategy that has proven to work well in live trading.

Trading Idea

A Forex trading system that combines two completely different Forex Strategies, called CORE1 (Trend Following) and CORE2 (MA indicator). Both systems use powerful drawdown control systems.

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FX Multicore Criteria


One license of FX MultiCore system with the possibility to change account number online.

Broker / VPS

FX Multicore is compatible with most brokers. While we recommend using it with IC Markets, Tickmill, or Alpari on TradingFX VPS Forex VPS.


FX Multicore works on the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms.

Minimum Balance

The minimum deposit for FX Multicore is $200.

User Manual

A detailed user manual is included.

Technical Support

Friendly technical support is available 24/7 from Forex Store.

Future Updates

ForexStore marketplace will provide you with a convenient way for receiving all updates of FX Multicore for FREE for life.

Refund Policy

Forex Store, the vendor of FX Multicore provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. They will refund your money if the EA doesn't work properly on your account and they can't fix it.

They will also initiate a refund process if your drawdown exceeds 35%. You must provide proof that you used their recommended settings.

Supported Currency Pairs


MetaTrader Chart Timeframe


MyFxBook Verified Real Money Trading Result Statements

These are statistics from the developer's live accounts (not a demo or backtest) during the entire period of using FX Multicore. In CORE1 and CORE2, each CORE has its own trading account, so you can analyze its performance separately. For more information, click on the graph.

Default Settings
Started On
Jan 19, 2023
Starting Balance
Default Settings
Started On
Nov 11, 2022
Starting Balance

90% Modeling Quality Tick Data MetaTrader 4 Strategy Tester Backtests

Performing a backtest (test on historical data) is the best way to see how an EA (robot) performs before putting it on a real account. FX Multicore system backtests for CORE1 and CORE2 with different risk settings are presented below.

High-Risk Backtests

Normal (Medium) Risk Backtests

FX Multicore Trading Strategy

With FX Multicore, two separate robots, CORE1 and CORE2, form a comprehensive trading system. Each CORE is a separate robot with its own strategy that is completely distinct. Over a long period of time, this strategy has proved to be successful in live trading. FX Multicore combines both COREs in a single account, diversifying risks and ensuring stable returns.

You can change your account online with FX Multicore and receive all system updates through the ForexStore marketplace. In the Personal Area, you can also download your copy of FX Multicore.


FX Multicore's first core (EA) deals with USDCAD. The strategy aims to avoid trading against the trend. When CORE1 detects a bullish market trend (up) that is gaining momentum, the algorithm blocks the possibility of opening SELL orders (against the trend), while only BUY trading is allowed.

During a trend reversal, the algorithm allows for both directions of trading signals. Trading against the trend is prevented by this filter.

A special algorithm and several indicators help CORE1 calculate a good entry point. Three orders can be placed simultaneously by CORE1.


FX Multicore's second core (EA) works with the EURUSD currency pair. This strategy uses multiple MA levels to determine the best time for entry. Upon finding the entry point, CORE2 places an order on the market in the right direction and, based on the values of the combination of different MA levels, determines TP and SL for the order, increasing the probability of closing at TakeProfit and decreasing the risk of reaching StopLoss.

The approach provides accurate entry points, but it reduces the number of possible signals, so don't expect CORE2 to trade frequently. At any given time, CORE2 can have a maximum of one order on the market.

Last Updated On Wed, 3 Jul 2024

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