WallStreet Forex Robot New Intelligent Money Management Algorithm

FXAutomater would like to inform you that they’ve developed a new feature of WallStreet Forex Robot 3.0 Domination, which is an Intelligent Money Management algorithm.

This algorithm increases the trading volume in the most favorable trading conditions. The intelligent MM is controlled by two external parameters and by default it is disabled. You can enable it at your discretion:

IA_MM: the default value is false, which means that the feature is disabled.

IA_MM_Multiplier: the default value is 2, which means that the basic trading volume will be multiplied by two if IA_MM is enabled. You can change this value at your discretion, but FXAutomater do not recommend a value greater than two.

In addition, FXAutomater have developed several new custom trading settings:

For the GBPUSD currency pair:

  • GBPHIP: these settings increase the trading frequency and the overall profit.
  • GBP37: these settings use a stop loss value of only 37 pips, but the final performance is still good.

For the EURUSD currency pair:

  • EUR31: these settings use a stop loss value of only 31 pips, but the final performance is still good.

In order to use the custom settings you need to change the following parameters:

  • “UseCustomPair” to true.
  • “UseSettingsFrom” to the name of the custom settings you want to use, as an example GBPHIP.

More information about the custom settings can be found in WallStreet Forex Robot 3.0 Domination's members area Settings page.

FXAutomater also would like to inform you about their current campaign "SHOCK DEAL: -50% OFF + 3 FREE Licenses":

Users' Special Offer Shock Deal (these prices are only for our users)

Users' Special Offer Shock Deal (these prices are only for our users)

We wish you successful trading!

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Published On Mon, 20 Feb 2023

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