Bill Lipschutz Success Story and Algorithmic Trading
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Bill Lipschutz is considered a pioneer in the algorithmic trading industry. He is a leading figure in the finance sector, known for his insightful trading strategies and exceptional risk management abilities. Lipschutz's contributions to the field have had a lasting impact on the world of finance, revolutionizing the way traders approach the market.

FX SCALPER 4X raw, uncut, and unedited 22.5-year backtest of GBPUSD
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For anyone questioning/doubting or currently feeling unsure about the longevity of FX SCALPER 4X, the EA developers team has recently presented an extraordinary demonstration. Behold, a raw, uncut, and unedited 22.5-year backtest of GBPUSD, one of the most notoriously volatile currency pairs. Yes, you read it correctly—22.5 years of comprehensive testing! Now, they challenge anyone to find another EA matching such remarkable results. It's improbable!

Wed, 12 Jul 2023
FX Scalper 4X is Here!
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On June 15th, the FX Scalper developers team announced that the wait was finally over. FX SCALPER 4X, their most advanced trading algorithm, was released exclusively for their current active members to purchase. They've been working tirelessly to develop this game-changing tool, and the results have been exceptional. FX SCALPER 4X is the ultimate solution for forex traders seeking to elevate their trading game.

FX Scalper X Performance in 2021 and 2022
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The FX Scalper trading bots are undoubtedly the best trading robots for retail traders. The exceptional performance of these algos has outperformed top investment assets such as the SP 500, Bitcoin, and Gold! The fact that FX Scalper has outperformed top investment assets is a remarkable accomplishment. It is a testament to the system’s viability. FX Scalper has demonstrated that it is a reliable and highly profitable investment tool for traders looking to maximize their
FX Scalper X 2023 Easter Day 20% Sale
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FX Scalper developers always try to seize any available opportunity for the benefit of their clients. To celebrate the 2023 Easter day, they have decided to offer a fantastic promotion, they have added 20% OFF the regular price for the clients who would buy FX Scalper till the 30th of April 2023. Just add the promo code "E" when purchasing for FX Scalper online to get the discount. FX Scalper is currently performing well and making astonishing results.