Yulia Efimova is new brand ambassador of InstaForex!

Who is Yulia Efimova?

She is the first Russian world champion in swimming, a six-time world champion, and one of the most popular athletes in the country. In its turn, InstaForex is the first company to offer the ForexCopy System, which has received more than 50 of the most prestigious awards and is one of the top five Interfax most popular forex brokers in Russia. With such striving for success and victory, their paths should have crossed one day.

Finally, this day has come! InstaForex are very proud to announce that Yulia Efimova has become their new ambassador.

We are sure that you have already been aware of who Yulia is. She is in the top ten in the history of the World Championships among all swimmers by the total number of awards in individual distances. Overall, she has won 17 medals: 6 gold, 7 silver, and 4 bronze.

How this Partnership could Benefit InstaForex clients?

You may wonder how this partnership may benefit you as an InstaForex client. And here is the answer to this question:

To start with, the story of success is a great opportunity to borrow some of the experience, even from a completely different field. Naturally, Yulia will share the secrets of her success with the company's clients. Additionally, she signed a lot of luxury merch items. This means there will be lots of interesting contests and projects where you may win a number of stylish things. In the meantime, enjoy the exclusive photos that Yulia made with InstaForex on the eve of the Olympics!

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Published On Mon, 2 Aug 2021

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