InstaForex Features

Over 14 years of experience in the forex market make InstaForex a strong player. Clients of InstaForex have access to over 300 instruments and leverage of up to 1:1000.

The popular International Forex Broker InstaForex offers solutions from leading developers from around the world. Direct market access is provided by the largest counter agents.

At the moment, over 7 million traders choose InstaForex, which is an impressive number considering that it was established in 2007 with headquarters in Limassol, Cyprus.

Traders can take advantage of a variety of services provided by InstaForex while being treated fairly at all times. In addition to offering powerful technical solutions and other advantages, like being suitable for beginners, the broker offers comprehensive training and support to every client.


Russian Federation (Asia)

Year Founded


Broker Type

STP, and ECN.

Regulating Authorities

Islamic Account

Demo Account

Institutional Accounts

Managed Accounts

Minimum Deposit


Maximum Leverage


Payment Methods

Trading Platform Types

Operating Systems

Website Languages

Customer Support

30 languages via local telephone numbers, live chat, and email, Telegram, Skype, and WhatsApp.

InstaForex Pros and Cons

Forex trading with InstaForex is easy with its wide range of instruments and advanced technology. With InstaForex, traders can start with any amount since the broker has not set a minimum deposit, plus there is a professional education and analysis section available.

Meanwhile, the conditions for trading with InstaForex vary depending on the entity you are trading with, as well as the fees associated with some instruments.

  • Strong educational program.
  • Interest Accrues on Account Balance.
  • Low CFD Commissions on Stocks.
  • Islamic Accounts Supported.
  • Multi-Language Support.
  • Recognized and regarded broker worldwide.
  • Numerous deposit methods and low deposit requirement.
  • Professional education and analysis.
  • No Deposit Requirement.
  • Wide range of instrument available including Forex and CFD Cryptos.
  • Good platform with advanced tools based on MT4 and MT5.
  • Regulation in the offshore jurisdiction.
  • Mediocre Customer Support.
  • Other Than Currency Pairs, Market Diversity Is Low.
  • Dormancy Fees Charged.
  • High Forex Commission Fees In Some Cases.
  • Conditions and trading costs may vary according to entity regulations.
  • Spreads are high for some instruments.

InstaForex Account Types and Features

InstaForex offers four types of accounts: Insta.Standard, Insta.Eurica, Cent.Standard and Cent.Eurica. $1 USD deposit is required to open an InstaForex account. Standard and Eurica accounts are available to all entities regardless of their jurisdiction. However, conditions and offers vary depending on the entity for other account types.

As a default, the InstaForex trading account is set up with an MT4 platform, leverage of 1:200 for international traders (1:30 for European traders), and USA2 server and USD as the primary currency. Be sure to verify the applicable conditions according to your residency based on the entity's regulatory obligations.

  Insta Standard Insta Eurica Cent Standard Cent Eurica
Features Access to all trading instruments, trader pays fixed spread when setting a trade, good for all types of traders No spread required when opening a trade, BID price equal to ASK price, account recommended for new traders Good for beginning traders, oriented for new clients learning how to trade, access provided to minimal trade volume Good for beginning traders, oriented for new clients learning how to trade, access provided to minimal trade volume
Account Currencies EUR/USD EUR/USD USD Cents, EUR cents USD cents, EUR cents
Available Leverage


1:1000 1:1000 1:1000 1:1000
Minimum Deposit $1 $1 $1,000 $1,000
Starting Spreads 3-7 0 3-7 0
Commission Per Trade 0 0.03%-0.07% 0 0.03%-0.07%
Decimal Pricing Up to 5 Up to 5 Up to 5 Up to 5
Trading Instruments Foreign Exchange (FX), Commodities, Indices, Shares/Stocks, Futures/Forwards, CFDs, Cryptocurrency, Options Foreign Exchange (FX), Commodities, Indices, Shares/Stocks, Futures/Forwards, CFDs, Cryptocurrency, Options Various Various
Min. Lot Size Per Trade


0.01 0.01 0.10 of the lot (equivalent of 0.0001 market lot) 0.10 of the lot (equivalent of 0.0001 market lot)
Max Lot Size Per Trade


10000 10000 10000 10000
Demo Account Yes Yes Yes Yes
Swap/Rollover Free Yes Yes Yes Yes
Copy Trading Support Yes Yes Yes Yes

What is the best way to trade on InstaForex?

InstaForex trading requires opening an account, selecting your trading platform, passing training if you are not a beginner, making a deposit, and getting into the trading process itself.

Is it possible to open a demo account at InstaForex?

Yes, you can open a demo account at InstaForex. You can first sign up for a Demo Account at InstaForex, since submitting and opening a Practice account is not a complicated procedure.

Forex traders can practice forex trading in a 100% risk-free environment with InstaForex's free demo account. InstaForex demo accounts expire after 30 days.

Step-by-Step Guide to Opening an InstForex Account

  1. The first step is to register

    An applicant can begin the account registration process by clicking on "Login" located at the top right of the InstaForex website. The registration option will then appear in a drop-down menu.

  2. The second step is to complete the registration process

    To complete the registration process, the applicant will need to fill out a simple two-step form. After completing this step, the account holder will receive a sign-up bonus.

Does InstaForex provide an Islamic account?

With both Standard and Eurica trading accounts, InstaForex offers Islamic swap-free trading. All non-Islamic trading accounts at InstaForex come with Extended Swap-free status by default.

InstaForex' PAMM System

InstaForex's PAMM System allows its clients to invest in Forex projects. By investing in PAMM Forex accounts, investors will become shareholders of the accounts and can accept investments from other traders. A PAMM account can be opened by either an investor or a trader registered with PAMM.

Passive Investments with InstaForex

Investing in the S&P 500 is another genuinely valuable investor feature. There is no fee unless you make a profit, which prevents funds from being lost. You keep trading with the OYS Account, and InstaForex earns a fee only if you make a profit. Profits are the only thing that matters, not markups or commissions.

InstaForex Deposit & Withdrawal

Bank transfers, eWallets, and Bitcoin are all available for depositing at InstaForex. If you choose an InstaForex withdrawal method, you can expect it to be processed immediately or within 6 working days.

InstaForex's online account management area allows you to manage all your money transactions once you open an account.

There is no minimum deposit requirement, so traders can begin with any amount, and international trading supports a number of low-fee methods, while European is rather sparse, offering only the most commonly used and regulated methods.

InstaForex Deposit Methods

The most common and most popular payment methods are available at InstaForex for depositing and withdrawing money.

  • PayCo.
  • Bitcoin via Skrill.
  • SoFort.
  • B2BinPay.

InstaForex minimum deposit

At InstaForex, there is no minimum deposit amount requirement, allowing you to deposit as little as 1$. The margin required to cover various assets will vary, so always check the specific instrument before trading.

How to withdraw from InstaForex?

E-wallets, credit cards, and wire transfers are also acceptable deposit and withdrawal methods at InsatForex. Money transfers with InstaForex are free, so you won't have to worry about extra charges for payments, but be sure to check whether a method is available in your country or entity.

InstaForex Fees and Spreads

Trading with InstaForex involves fees from $1 USD depending on the account traders select.

InstaForex trading costs offer a range of various floating spreads depending on the technology you use. Through your account area, you can also choose between a spread or commission fee method based on your preferences. Yet, it is imperative to consider all fees like funding fees and inactivity.

As well, always consider the rollover or overnight fee as a cost. This is about –1.15 for short EURUSD positions and 0.3 on long ones, held longer than a day. But remember that Islamic accounts with swap-free features are available on request and are free.

Most of the fees are reasonable; some deposits and withdrawals are free, but check based on your entity and the method you would use, as well as keep in mind that there may be an inactivity fee.

Fees InstaForex Fees ForexTime Fees AvaTrade Fees
Deposit Fee No No No
Withdrawal Fee No No No
Inactivity Fee Yes Yes Yes
Fee ranking Low, Average High Average

InstaForex spreads

Depending on the account traders select, InstaForex spreads range from 0 pips to 3 pips.

Spreads on the majors are fixed at 3 pips for standard accounts. There are no spreads on Eurica accounts, and its costs are based on fixed commissions paid after the deal closes. Accordingly, Eurica accounts have the same Bid and Ask prices.

The European entity offers three additional account types: ECN, ECN Pro, and Scalping. Market execution is available on these accounts, as well as floating spreads starting at 0.8 pips. Cents accounts and swap-free trading are also available.

Some accounts offered by InstaForex have higher spreads than those offered by competitors. Nevertheless, some spreads are fixed, which is a very attractive option, especially for beginners. In addition, some fees are quite attractive depending on the account and the entity.

Asset/ Pair InstaForex Spread ForexTime Spread AvaTrade Spread
EURUSD Spread 3 pips 1.5 pips 1.3 pips
Crude Oil WTI Spread 5 pips 9 pips 3 pips
Gold Spread 1.3 point 9 40
BTCUSD Spread 75 29 0.75%

InstaForex commission

With InstaForex, traders can trade commission-free depending on the account they choose.

InstaForex Leverage

The leverage you can use when trading with InstaForex is either fixed or floating. By multiplying initial account balances over time, this tool can increase your potential profit. Leverage should be set correctly to various instruments, however, as it may affect your potential losses.

Various measures determine InstaForex leverage, which is initially set in accordance with local regulations.

InstaForex allows higher leverage levels, such as 1:400, 1:500, or even 1:1000, if you are a professional trader or open an account under their global entities that offer such leverage levels.

If you are a resident of Europe or trade with InstaForex's European entity, you will be subject to ESMA regulations that lower leverage ratios to 1:30 on Forex instruments and 1:25 on Spot Metals.

InstaForex Bonuses

100% Bonus! Double your deposit

InstaForex offers a 100% bonus on your first deposit. An application form must be filled out along with the opening and topping up of a live trading account. Deposits up to $2000 will receive a bonus of up to $2000 that is not withdrawable. Profits from these funds, however, can be withdrawn without restriction.

55% Bonus on each deposit

A fascinating offer is available for InstaForex customers, the 55% Bonus on all deposits. In order to qualify for the bonus, you must have opened your account after June 15, 2013.

30% Bonus on each deposit

A 30% Welcome Bonus is an unmatched opportunity offered by InstaForex to its customers.

Obtaining the Welcome Bonus requires registering for a live trading account and submitting a small application online. There are no complicated or time-consuming steps involved in any of the above-mentioned procedures.

InstaForex Club Bonus

InstaForex Club Card holders can apply for Club Bonuses. Sign up for InstaForex Club on the relevant web page if you're not a member yet!

Chancy Deposit

Deposit $3,000 and receive $1000 extra!
During the Chancy Deposit campaign in October 2023, $1000 was raffled off!
Deposit $3,000 into a trading account for a chance to win. You are now a campaign participant after fulfilling this condition.

InstaForex Trading Platforms

Trading platforms MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader5 are available on both desktops and mobile devices at InstaForex .

Software is a key factor in ensuring reliability and glitch-free trading. While MetaTrader 5 offers many enhanced features, InstaForex points out that many users prefer MetaTrader 4. Isn't it easy to understand why? In MT4, traders can send market orders and pending orders simultaneously. A charting toolkit is also included, along with multilingual features and support for a variety of trading strategies. The choice of MT4 as an exchange platform was a solid one for InstaForex.

With InstaForex Platform, you can choose between MT4 and MT5, both of which are compatible with multiple devices and terminals. Additionally, InstaForex was one of the first brokers to offer the MT5 platform to its clients. However, MT4 still offers a wide range of settlements along with the ability to monitor account activity and receive notifications at all times.

Additionally, InstaForex has developed its own platform, in addition to MT4 and MT5. The tools are all very user-friendly yet packed with features.

Platforms InstaForex Platforms FBS Platforms Plus500 Platform
MT4 Yes Yes No
MT5 Yes Yes No
Own Platform Yes Yes Yes
Mobile App Yes Yes Yes

InstaForex Web Platform

With InstaForex, you can access both the Web Platform and the InstaForex WebTrader via any Internet browser. The desktop version is recommended for advanced analysis and drawing tools.

InstaForex Desktop Platform

MetaTrader4 from InstaForex is one of the industry's leading programs for trading forex, futures, and CFDs online. In terms of technical analysis or monitoring financial instruments, it offers everything that a trader needs.

  • The platform offers a variety of trading tools, including free VPS hosting, EAs, scalping, hedging, PAMM accounts and APIs for Money Managers.
  • Additionally, InstaForex offers traders and investors numerous investment and trading options, as well as fast execution via 10 trading servers with bank-level technical security.

InstaForex Tick Trades

The ability to conduct tick deals through a web browser is one of the most valuable features that InstaForex offers to its clients. InstaTick Trader, InstaForex unique platform provides this service. You can take advantage of price fluctuations within a specific period of time with ease and convenience thanks to its intuitive interface. Nevertheless, you should learn how to use the system intelligently.

Forex Copy at InstaForex

Copy trading involves copying successful traders' trades, giving you an edge in the trading environment. If you're away from your terminal, you can copy trades with InstaForex's Forex Copy service. You can copy the activity of a trader automatically by choosing him. You can also become a trader that others follow in just a few minutes. Forex Copy at InstaForex is highly reliable system, as followers control the situation and keep their money in their accounts, canceling trades manually if they don't want to.

InstaForex Market Instruments

Through a variety of trading instruments, InstaForex provides access to the global markets. 107 currency pairs are included, along with CFDs, futures, binary options, as well as commodities, gold, and silver. While binary options are available only through international branches, options based on the entity you trade are high-risk instruments.

Moreover, InstaForex regularly updates its trading list, as we saw before and until now, akin to clients trading Bitcoin and CFDs on Facebook and Twitter.

The range of trading instruments offered by InstaForex is generally good. Nevertheless, each entity offers a different range of instruments. Forex and CFDs are more readily available in the European branch.

InstaForex Safety and Security

Financial Services Commission (FSC) in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) authorizes and licenses InstaForex under Securities and Investment Business Act (SIBA). Moreover, InstaForex keeps client funds in separate accounts.

Several features make InstaForex a reliable trading platform. With this broker, you can trade on a variety of trading platforms, maintain segregated accounts, trade in insta-futures, and host your trading on a VPS.

How safe is InstaForex?

Forex trading with InstaForex is considered low risk, since it is regulated in the European Union.

The broker has a CySEC license, which provides good security. The main coverage and international traders, however, operate from offshore zones with lower requirements. For better safety, we recommend opening an account with InstaForex Europe.

Is InstaForex regulated?

InstaForex operates under multiple licenses and in multiple jurisdictions, ensuring compliance with international trade laws. CySEC, a Cyprus authority responsible for regulating investment firms in Cyprus and Europe, is the company's full license holder.

Additionally, the broker serves offshore entities in BVI registered with the FSC and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. However, extra regulations from the EU ensure that safety measures are followed even though we do not recommend trading with offshore brokers.

How are you protected in InstaForex?

The InstaForex license and regulations require it to operate under strict rules and regulations in Europe, including numerous security and transparency requirements. Client funds are kept in separate accounts, along with participation in compensation schemes in the event of insolvency. Additionally, their trading environment is secure.

Segregated accounts in InstaForex

By offering this service, InstaForex is demonstrating its commitment to safeguarding its clients' interests. Segregated accounts protect clients' capital from the risk of force majeure events that may occur to the company due to trading's unpredictability, and there are many people who lose money in this industry. Money from clients is stored separately from money from the company. An authorized representative account or bank account may be used by clients with segregated trading accounts to store 70% of their deposits. A very useful feature of this broker is its extra client protection.


Using InstaForex's Insta-Futures platform, you can trade futures against other traders on a platform backed by a company with a dozen years of market experience. With Insta-Futures, you can trade futures easily and efficiently.

VPS Hosting

InstaForex also offers a reliable VPS hosting service. Virtual Private Servers are computers in the data center that work like regular computers. The only person who can access it is you. By using this service, you can connect an Android or iOS device almost for free to the VPS. Traders who prefer to trade outside normal trading hours would benefit from this VPS service.

InstaForex Customer Support

With 260 offices and a trained customer support team, InstaForex offers quality 24/7 customer support via various service centers.

Multilingual and available 24/7 customer service is a major plus, as is responsiveness and professionalism.

InstaForex Education and Training

As part of its business strategy, InstaForex offers traders education and analytics designed by professionals. In Live Trading Sessions, you will not only find education courses, videos, webinars, and seminars, but also comments and analysis of the market situation.

Trading success depends on this, and it is an important part of it for beginner traders. Online research tools and materials available to experienced traders are also available in trading platforms.

A well-organized, comprehensive, and high-quality Education section and tools were available at InstaForex.

With the educational tools and calculators available on the platform, InstaForex shows that it cares about its users.

Forex contests at InstaForex

Bonuses and contests are also evidence of this. For traders who are interested in learning more about the market, the broker offers strategies, reviews, calendars, and Forex TV. It is more useful to use dividend calculators.

InstaForex offers a variety of contests and promotions that provide traders with great opportunities to gain valuable prices along with valuable experience. InstaForex contests offer traders the chance to win real prize money to a live trading account by participating in demo contests, though check the conditions or availability of the relevant entity, since they all differ.

The company values its users by offering those contests and bonuses. Trading is made fun with contests such as Ferrari, Lucky Trader, Chancy Deposit, FX-1 Rally, Miss Insta 2021, and many more at InstaForex.

InstaForex Awards and Recognition

Among the awards InstaForex has won are: Best Forex Broker Central and Eastern Europe 2020 by International Business Magazine, Most Active Broker in Asia 2020 by AtoZ Markets Forex Awards, and Best Affiliate Program 2020 by Global Brands Magazine. Explore this broker's innovative features by reading on.

There are a number of sponsorships and social events that InstaForex participates in around the world. The company has received numerous awards throughout its history, and has been a partner of various activities, including FC, Sport Stars Sponsorships, as well as other prominent athletes and sports teams.

Best Forex Broker


Forex Traders Summit Dubai

in 2023

InstaForex continues to reach new professional heights in 2023. At the conclusion of the international traders forum in Dubai, InstaForex was named the best Forex services provider. For international foreign exchange market participants, Forex Traders Summit Dubai is the largest event. Over 5 thousand professionals from 46 countries attended the conference in 2023. In addition to awarding the best and most reliable financial firms, the summit included many other components.

Having been named to the list of laureates, which is decided by a survey of investors, InstaForex considered this an honor. InstaForex's recognition as the best Forex broker confirms its high reputation. Clients trust InstaForex, and the company always strives to exceed their expectations. To achieve this, InstaForex continuously improves its products and services while implementing innovative solutions that make trading even easier.


in 2022

Once again, InstaForex' professionalism is highly appreciated., a leading financial news portal providing the latest news on Forex and other financial markets, awarded the company a prestigious award.

For their client-oriented approach, presents Forex Awards to financial companies worldwide. Retail Forex brokers from around the world are recognized with these awards. As proof of InstaForex's unwavering commitment to perfection, such an award is the deserved result of the team's efforts. has named InstaForex "The Best Crypto-broker 2022".

For more than 15 years, InstaForex has been providing brokerage services to more than 7,000,000 customers. Trading opportunities in crypto, forex and other online markets have been continuously expanded and innovative ideas have been offered.


in 2022

InstaForex has once again earned the trust of its clients., which covers all Forex, CFD, and cryptocurrency promotions, awarded them.

For their high levels of professionalism, international brokerage firms receive the Forex Broker Awards 2022. InstaForex received the award right away, as this contest was held for the first time.

A deserved award for Best Customer Service Broker 2022 was awarded to InstaForex by the jury members in 2022. Once again, this shows the professionalism and coherence of InstaForex' entire team, which strives to resolve all customer requests as soon as possible.

Over 7 million clients have been using InstaForex's brokerage services for 15 years. By adopting an innovative business model, InstaForex is able to grow, expand and improve trading conditions for their clients.


International Business Magazine

in 2022

As part of its prestigious awards collection, InstaForex has added another trophy. International Business Magazine, a financial publication based in the UAE, named them a prize winner.

Several international financial firms operating in banking, insurance, brokerage, and other services have been recognized by International Business Magazine since 2018.

InstaForex was recognized as the Best Forex Broker in Latin America by the magazine's experts in 2022. For the company, which already provides online trading services in Asia and Europe, this represents a market expansion.

Despite its success, InstaForex never takes its foot off the pedal. In order to ensure traders around the world have the most optimal conditions to trade on Forex, they are constantly expanding their presence on global financial markets, improving their products and services, as well as introducing innovative solutions.


Global Brands Magazine (GMB)

in 2022

A number of prestigious awards continue to be awarded to InstaForex. As a result of its hard work and strenuous efforts, the company has received another accolade.

According to Global Brands Magazine, a reputable UK publication, the Global Brands Awards 2022 world ranking of financial institutions has been announced. InstaForex Affiliate Program was recognized as the best in 2022, according to the report.

More than 7,000,000 clients and partners trust InstaForex with this award. In addition, this prestigious award confirms the excellent reputation of the company.

Global Brands Magazine has awarded several awards to InstaForex. In 2020, the company was awarded the title of Best Affiliate Program by GBM. In 2015, the company was named the "Most Innovative Forex brand in Asia".


International Investor Awards

in 2022

A new award has been given to InstaForex for being the best Forex broker.

Awarded the International Investor Award in 2022, the company was recognized as an industry leader. This award is given to individuals who have made significant contributions to the investment and finance industries. The company is honored to receive this award.

There is a great deal of interest among investors in International Investor Magazine. In addition, it keeps them up-to-date with the latest financial market news. Annually, it recognizes the industry's best performers. InstaForex was one of them this year.

With its high-quality products and services, InstaForex has always strived to be ahead of the curve for many years.


Global Brands Magazine (GMB)

in 2021

Awarding a broker each year is more than just pleasant praise. In this way, it shows that clients and partners trust it. The reputation of InstaForex is well-deserved.

In its annual ranking of financial institutions, Global Brands Magazine announced the winners of its "Best Forex Broker 2021" category. Best Forex Broker 2021 went to InstaForex.

Several times, GBM has cited InstaForex's achievements. The company was awarded the Best Affiliate Program award by a well-known British Internet portal in 2020. InstaForex was named Asia's Most Innovative Forex Brand in 2015.

Since technical and innovative trading tools are InstaForex's main focus, the title of Most Innovative Forex Broker 2021 is especially valuable.

Throughout every year, InstaForex strives to surpass their partners' and customers' expectations by outperforming both their competitors' and their own achievements. Although InstaForex has faced many challenges, it has become one of the best in the business!

However, they continue to develop their trading services to make them even more convenient and efficient. This acknowledgement of InstaForex's activities makes them extremely happy.

It's no secret that Global Brands Magazine is a leading online publication in the UK. Global brands are discussed in this site, along with opinions and news. Global financial organizations that display exceptional performance are recognized with its annual award.


International Business Magazine

in 2020

A new prestigious award has been won by InstaForex. By International Business Magazine, InstaForex has been recognized as the Best Forex Broker in Central and Eastern Europe 2020. Interestingly, the company has received an award from this reputable magazine three times in a row.

An annual ranking of the most successful business partners in Eastern Europe is conducted by International Business Magazine. It's a great honor for InstaForex to receive such a distinction, and it encourages them to strive for higher levels of performance and excellence in the future.


AtoZ Markets Forex Awards

in 2020

Another prestigious award has been given to InstaForex. AtoZ Markets Forex Awards recognized the company as Asia's Most Active Broker. AtoZ Markets chose the winner.

Between January 20th and February 20th, 2020, voters voted. Trader polls, interviews with brokers, and information presented on broker websites were used to nominate candidates.

To assist traders and investors in choosing a reliable Forex broker, the campaign has been launched. AtoZ Markets published its first list of winners in 2015. At a time when competition in the Forex industry is at an all-time high, InstaForex has won a trophy.

The InstaForex team appreciates traders' acknowledgement and votes. In Asia and around the world, they will continue to provide their clients with the best quality services.


Global Brands Magazine

in 2020

InstaForex continues to win prestigious awards in 2020. Already in 2020, InstaForex has won two new trophies. Global Brands Magazine, based in the UK, ranked InstaForex [InstaForex Affiliate Program] as the best affiliate program for 2020.

A popular web portal acknowledging InstaForex's brand is a great honor for the company. Due to the positive reviews and opinions of their clients and partners, the company won the Best Affiliate Program nomination. The company will continue to provide the most comprehensive financial products to its partners.

Global Brands Magazine has awarded InstaForex before. It was recognized as Asia's Most Innovative Forex brand in 2015.


International Business Magazine

in 2019

With International Business Magazine's Best Forex Broker Eastern Europe 2019 award, InstaForex finished 2019 on a high note. InstaForex has received many awards over that years. Among them are "The Best Forexcopy Platform", "The Best ECN Broker", and "The Best Managed Account".

Presented annually, this award acknowledges the company's excellence and quality in the forex industry. Trading with InstaForex means that you are choosing the best customer service and trading terms.


IAFT Awards

in 2019

The IAFT Awards 2019 determine who are the leaders in the finance services sector. In that year, award winners included InstaForex. Thousands of grateful customers recognize the company's high standards with this award.

IAFT Awards evaluates dealing centers and brokers objectively. Visitors to the awards' website and IAFT traders choose the winners.


Le Fonti Awards

in 2019

As a service provider, InstaForex has won honorary awards. Le Fonti Awards 2019 recognize the company as Asia's best Forex broker.

Each year, the Le Fonti Awards recognize excellence in commerce, banking, and brokerage services. The jury, which consists of more than a hundred TOP managers and experts, rates nominees' achievements. The Le Fonti Awards have been won several times by InstaForex. Having been recognized by the world's leading experts every year confirms that the company is headed in the right direction. Clients should trust it.


Le Fonti Awards

in 2018

Forex Broker of the Year in Eastern Europe 2018 was awarded to InstaForex by Le Fonti Awards.

One of the highest awards in commerce, banking, and brokerage services, the Le Fonti Awards is one of the most prestigious in the world. InstaForex was chosen by a jury of more than 120 experts as the winner of the Le Fonti Awards.

With this prize, the InstaForex brand confirms its global popularity. Asians, Europeans, and other clients from all over the world voted for InstaForex. Over 7.000.000 clients are actively trading there!


UK Forex Awards

in 2018

The UK Forex Awards presented InstaForex with one of the most prestigious awards in the industry. In 2018, the company was nominated for the Best Forex Cryptocurrency Trading Platform.

By evaluating a platform's number of available cryptocurrencies, trading conditions, and popularity with clients, the jury fully appreciated a trading platform for speculating on cryptocurrencies. The UK Forex Awards have awarded InstaForex with its fifth trophy.


International Business Magazine (IBM)

in 2018

As part of its award collection, InstaForex added another trophy. International Business Magazine recognized the company as The Best ECN Broker Asia 2018 for the first time. Each company's performance is scrutinized by experts who award prizes.

Every year, InstaForex establishes itself as Asia's leading broker. They were then considered to have demonstrated new leadership through this award.


Financial Olympus

in 2017

An oldest Russian business award ceremony was held at Russia Today's press center on December 5th 2017.

Among the Development and Success nominees, InstaForex received the highest rating. InstaForex is thankful for the trust and recognition it has received from the professional community in 2017. Likewise, InstaForex is working to improve its trading conditions and services as it moves forward with its development.

As it soars to success, InstaForex strives to increase customers' financial awareness.


ShowFx World

in 2017

Best ForexCopy Trading Platform 2017 was awarded to InstaForex by ShowFX World, the international expo brand.

InstaForex developed and launched the ForexCopy system in 2011. Both beginners and experts have found it invaluable since then.


Le Fonti Awards

in 2017

Forex Broker of the Year for Innovation Europe 2017 was awarded to InstaForex by Le Fonti Awards.

Among the professional community of banking and brokerage companies, the Fonti Awards are considered a mark of recognition. Award ceremonies are usually held in international financial centers like Milan, Hong Kong, New York, London, Dubai, and Singapore.

Awards are given based on factors such as a company's performance, leadership in its industry, strategic development, high-quality service, and innovative solutions.


European CEO

in 2017

In 2017, InstaForex won the Best ECN Broker 2017 award from the European CEO. This is one of the most prestigious international trophies in Forex trading.

InstaForex earned five awards from this influential British business periodical and earned the second award for Best ECN Broker in their version. Importantly, the European CEO awards are presented to leaders in various financial branches on the basis of polls among readers.

This award unites companies and executives that encourage progress and enhance business instruments.


UK Forex Awards

in 2016

The UK Forex Awards recognized InstaForex as the Best Social Trading Broker 2016 in 2016. The award ceremony took place in London as usual, and InstaForex was presented with this prestigious prize. In this ceremony, only the best forex brokers were invited to participate. A top prize was awarded to InstaForex in the Best Social Trading Broker category.


Global Business Outlook

in 2016

Global Business Outlook named InstaForex the Best ECN Broker in Eastern Europe at the end of 2016.

This award recognized InstaForex as the top forex broker in Eastern Europe. In this category, the company has won four times. InstaForex received similar awards from IAIR and ShowFX earlier that year.


IAIR Awards

in 2016

InstaForex won another victory in 2016. It was an honor for them to receive this recognition from IAIR magazine once again. Along with 30 other companies in various categories, they received the award for the fifth time from the well-known Italian business magazine.

Its dominance in this developing region was once again confirmed in that year, when InstaForex won the title of Best Forex Broker in Asia.


European CEO Awards

in 2016

InstaForex gained international recognition in 2016 thanks to a wide range of trading solutions and first-rate services. A prestigious award was once again bestowed upon InstaForex by European CEO, the UK's leading business publication.

The fourth top award was presented to InstaForex by European CEO. Global business community members consider this award one of the most prestigious and hard-earned awards.


International Finance Awards

in 2016

The InstaForex recognition wall was adorned with another trophy in October 2016. InstaForex was awarded the Best ECN Broker in Asia by International Finance Magazine, one of the most prestigious British online media outlets.

For their clients in Asia, InstaForex is still a reliable partner. Millions of traders choose InstaForex as their broker of choice in this region, what lead the company to win another IFA award that year.


IAIR Awards

in 2015

InstaForex reaped an abundance of awards in autumn 2015. An IAIR Award trophy was presented to InstaForex at a high-profile ceremony. Italian business magazine IAIR established prestigious awards. In 2015, InstaForex became the best forex broker in Eastern Europe.

IAIR awarded InstaForex its highest honor at its fourth annual ceremony. InstaForex's sheer advantages are irrefutable proof that many European partners and clients value them.


European CEO Awards

in 2015

The European CEO Awards recognized InstaForex again in September 2015. It was their second time winning the Best Forex Broker award in 2015. The European CEO Awards were founded by the famous British business magazine European CEO. This award was won by InstaForex for the third time. The company has already been nominated twice in the Best Retail Forex Broker category - in 2011 and 2013.

As the world's leading broker on the Forex market, InstaForex's award as Best Forex Broker 2015 confirms its progress and position as the industry's leading broker.


Global Brands Magazine (GBM)

in 2015

Global Brands Magazine has added another award to InstaForex' recognition wall. The GBM Awards nominated them for Most Innovative Forex Brand in Asia 2015.

Due to its modern developments in trading, InstaForex is among the best in this field. Asia and other regions were most enthusiastic about the new products of 2015, including InstaForex MobileTrader, InstaForexInstaForex WebTrader], and InstaCredit.


UK Forex Awards

in 2015

The UK Forex Awards held a grand event on 16 September 2015 to recognize the best brokerage companies. Again, InstaForex was recognized as the Best Forex ECN Broker of 2015.

It is clear once again that InstaForex has achieved true technological leadership by winning the prestigious UK Forex Awards. As well as premium products and services, the company offers clients a variety of tools for market analysis, innovative educational programs, and first-class customer service.


ShowFx World

in 2015

The international ShowFX Asia 2015 conference was held in Singapore in the late summer of 2015. InstaForex Mobile Trader, their mobile application, was awarded Best Forex Mobile Application 2015.

By offering the most advanced software solutions and products to its clients, InstaForex proves it keeps up with the times. The trust they have earned from traders around the world is due to this.


International Finance Magazine

in 2015

An international award ceremony for finance takes place every year called the International Finance Awards. As a result of its creation, companies that have been successful in the financial market are identified and rewarded. By facilitating innovation in corporate social responsibility, this contributes significantly to industry development.

An award for Best ECN Broker 2015 was given to InstaForex by International Finance Magazine in June 2015. The prize is regarded as one of the most prestigious in the financial industry. The company offers its clients the most efficient trading conditions as a result of following the right course of development.


Capital Finance International

in 2015

A leading online business, economic, and finance news source, CFI covers business and economic news. Market commentary, expert analysis, and breaking news is provided by CFI to readers around the world. Founded in London, UK, the magazine has its headquarters there.

InstaForex was awarded Best Broker in Asia 2015 in the spring of 2015. In awarding them such a great prize, experts recognized that they provide high-quality Forex trading services to their clients. InstaForex received this top-level award because they were far from complacent, continually developing their services that prove the highest quality of their work.


Shanghai Forex Expo

in 2015

A large-scale finance event was held in Shanghai in summer 2015, the Shanghai Forex Expo. Among the most prestigious events in the financial industry is Shanghai Forex Expo 2015. A wide range of traders, investors, brokerages, and their partners traditionally attend the exhibition.

A portion of the exposition is dedicated to recognizing the most outstanding providers of advanced services and products in Forex. The Best Broker in the Asian-Pacific Region 2015 award went to InstaForex at Shanghai Forex Expo 2015.


ShowFx World

in 2015

On August 29, 2015, Singapore hosted the ShowFx Asia international expo. The Best Web Trading Platform 2015 award was given to WebTrader by InstaForex at the expo.

Having won such a top-level prize demonstrates that InstaForex has never been complacent, continuously improving its services over time that prove the firm's continued success.


International Finance Magazine

in 2014

A gala dinner at the luxurious Jumeirah Carlton Tower hotel honored the most successful members of the Forex industry.

The well-known business magazine recognized InstaForex as the Best ECN Broker in Asia 2014, adding another title to its collection. It was the broker's second prize from International Finance Magazine at that time.


UK Forex Awards

in 2014

A new prestige trophy was added to InstaForex's vast award collection at the end of 2014 in London. As the winner of the UK Forex Awards 2014, the broker once again beat out tough competition. The same award was given to them in 2013. In Western Europe, it is widely recognized as an authority trophy. Forex brokerage companies were evaluated based on their reliability.

In the heart of the British capital, Cannon Bridge Roof Gardens hosted the award ceremony. Large-scale business meetings and gala events seem to be ideally suited to this remarkable venue. There were 15 categories for the prestige awards, and unbiased voting determined the winners. Professional traders and investors made up the jury.


China International Online Trading Expo (CIOT EXPO)

in 2014

At the China International Online Trading Expo (CIOT Expo), the annual financial exhibition held in Shanghai on May 9 and 10, InstaForex was recognized as the Best Broker in Asia. InstaForex thus proved its superiority in the Asian brokerage market. The Best Broker in Asia title has been awarded to InstaForex 10 times.

It was noted by the CIOT Expo jury that InstaForex's services and products are flawless and reliable every year. Furthermore, its cutting-edge services are popular among Asian forex traders.


IAIR Awards

in 2014

The IAIR Awards ceremony was held in Hong Kong on 28 February 2014. Over 30 companies were recognized for the excellence they displayed in the international financial award.

IAIR, a well-known business magazine, named InstaForex the Best Forex Broker in Eastern Europe 2014. Clients and partners of InstaForex are demonstrating their confidence and faith by expanding their presence in European financial markets.

InstaForex Final Thoughts

The Financial Services Authority (FSC) has fully regulated InstaForex, which is a safe broker.

Investing in InstaForex can be a rewarding experience. Traders' experiences are reflected in the company's contests, campaigns, and promotions. The site offers high-tech software and educational tools, though some fees and commissions are high.

Furthermore, InstaForex complies with local and international laws. Trading tools, rapid growth, and overall offering of InstaForex allow traders at all levels of experience to find a trading solution.

Traders can copy trades and invest through PAMM or ForexCopy without spending a lot of time making decisions. In addition, they can trade according to their personal strategies. It is nevertheless recommended that you open an account with an entity located in Europe if it is possible. It is safer there, but the conditions are more limited.

InstaForex is appropriate for:

  • Beginner traders.
  • Forex traders.
  • MT4 or MT5 users.
  • Trading with EAs.
  • Swap-free accounts trading.
  • Low deposit trading.
  • MAM/PAMM investment.
  • Forex contest participation.
  • Traders using various trading strategies.
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