Pivot Trader Pro Review Introduction

Pivot Trader Pro can be installed on any computer or VPS with flexibility in switching from one device to another with no limits except for trading one account at a time.

The software comes preset in the developer's own settings with an easy installer that automatically loads the necessary files into the MT4 station and modifies it, so all you need to do is to follow a few on-screen steps explained in the included manual to be all setup.

Trading Idea

Pivot Trader Pro is a  fully automated Forex robot, as its name suggests it trades pivot levels and its performance is like that of a professional trader.
Pivot levels are imaginary detectable landmarks on a chart that help to determine its support and resistance levels as the price action trends up and down.
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Pivot Trader Pro Criteria

Refund policy

60 day Money back guarantee.


One account (Real or Demo).

Settings & Updates

All future updates due to market changes or events including setting modifications are totally FREE.


24/7 available customer support via e-mail.

Compatible Brokers

All, especially IC Markets, Tickmill, or Alpari.

News Notifications

e-mail notifications for any impending events, so you can choose to temporarily turn automated trading systems off for safety.

Supported Currency Pairs


MetaTrader Chart Timeframe


Live Performance


Default Settings
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Jul 29, 2014
Synergy FX
Starting Balance

Trading Strategy

Pivot Point is an accurate but complicated technical analysis indicator which price levels are used by high professional traders to enter and exit the markets, Pivot Trader Pro  core system depends on pivot point calculation to be used for price levels determination and make safe market entry and exit.

The way trade is managed is often more important than its entry point determination, so the robot has extra-features to carefully manage opened trades and exit them for safer trading:

Trade Management

This is simply determining the most suitable time for closing an opened trade, so it's not closed too early due to small retracements so potential profits can be missed, and also not closed too late so the already achieved profits get missed or even turn into losses.

To do this successfully, Pivot Trader Pro  reduces the stop loss according to the price action changes, and as the profits increase it then moves the stop loss within the profit range.

Money Management

The robot includes a powerful money management system where the trader can simply put the comfortable risk % for him to let the system select the trade lot sizes. The lot sizes are then increased as the account grows at a rate consistent with the preset risk value.

It's carefully calculated keeping available margin in mind and considering simultaneously opened trades.

This is optional as the trade is still able to use fixed lots.

Triple Trade Verification

This is a 3-step verification system that filters out bad and false trade signals before they are effective:

Oscillator Filter

This filter uses Oversold and overbought level measures to validate a trade so that an overbought oscillator indicates a possible sell opportunity and an oversold oscillator indicates a possible buy opportunity. Every trade signal is subjected to this oscillator verification and the trade is skipped if there is a signal mismatch.

Trend Verification

This is an internal switch to the daily timeframe to detect the overall trend direction and verify a detected signal so that if it's going up for a certain pair only buy signals are allowed on that pair and if it's going down for a certain pair, only sell signals are allowed on that pair too.

Candlestick Close

Taking an entry signal before the candle closes is unsafe, as the price action of a currency can trick the trader by touching a level or even going beyond it but quickly it relapses to where it was considered a bad signal.

Pivot Trader Pro verifies a signal by waiting for the candle to close before taking an action.

Multiple Pair Support

The robot was designed and optimized to effectively trade on 6 pairs; USD/CAD, USD/JPY, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, EUR/USD, and EUR/GBP.

Market Type and Condition

The robot can safely trade using pivot levels in both a trending market and a sideways market regardless of that market condition. It may miss one or two points but they are taken into consideration.

Bottom Line

Is This a Real System?

As shown in the live performance results the vendor's account trading by this system is MyfxBook verified using that account investor access so this is a REAL SYSTEM.

Does the Vendor Sell it Just to Make Money?

If yes, this won't be a shame, everyone enjoys making money, so YES, the vendor enjoys making money selling his own system on which he previously spent much more for researching and development. He also claims that he uses the income from selling it for further researches and improvements that will be reflected on its end-user finally.

Will this System Get Invalid by Too Many Traders Using It?

A system being used by too many traders doesn't necessarily make a problem except for scalper and high trade frequency systems, but following pivots is a natural trading behavior used even by a human trader if he was experienced enough and this makes no problem.

Besides that, this system's relatively high price is an advantage as not too many traders will be able to buy and use it.

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