IchiScalper Review Introduction

As its name suggests, Ichi is a scalper robot, taking advantage of AUDUSD while it's bound in a range and not trending high values before some retracement.


One Real Account

Account Balance

A$5,000 (AUD) is the Recommended Minimum (If Deposited in A Synergy FX Account, You'll have IchiScalper for FREE).

Broker / VPS

Any Broker is Compatible while IC Markets, Tickmill, or Alpari Forex Brokers with TradingFX VPS are Recommended.

Technical Support

A Dedicated 24/7 Customer Support is Included.

Supported Currency Pairs


MT4 Chart Timeframe


IchiScalper is an official Forex robot for the well-known Australian Forex broker Synergy FX, they even provide it for free for any trader on their platform if he opened a real account and deposited A$5,000 (AUD) in it.

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Verified Live Performance Statement

This MyfxBook verified real money account has a previous trading history unrelated to IchiScalper, so it's set to have a custom start date when only IchiScalper started to trade on it.

Settings: Default Settings
Started On
May 04, 2020
IC Markets
Account Type
Starting Balance

Trading Strategy

The Sideways Trend

It's also referred to as the trendless, ranging or flat market and it occurs when there are no major difference between the start and the end of a certain period of time, denoting a market condition where prices are strongly expected to move back and forth between the support and resistance levels.

In other words, in a sideways market the prices are expected to return to near the previous price point at the end of its journey of highs and downs.

IchiScalper by its unique technology can detect a sideways trend and exploit its acute slopes to make important profits. It only trades AUDUSD which keeps in a sideways market 91%of the time.

Money Management

IchiScalper has an advanced integrated money management system and always uses auto stop loss and take profit values.

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