Cyrus EA Review Introduction

Cyrus EA core strategy is the trend detection, it does not apply any grid trading, martingale trading or hedging at all.


One real and one demo accounts + Free updates for 1 Year or 2 Years according to the purchased version.


Any broker but the developer recommends a broker of ECN or STP account types with 5 decimal places and that Average spread should not exceed 20 pips.

We recommend installing it on TradingFX VPS Forex VPS and Using it on IC Markets, Tickmill, or Alpari Forex brokers for the best stability and profitability.


24 / 7 Customer support.

User Manual

Download Cyrus EA user manual here.

Refund policy

30 days.

Supported Currency Pairs


MT4 Chart Timeframe


A fully automated Forex trading system, except for the first installation, no other manual actions are needed. It requires a running PC 24 / 7 with good internet connection or a VPS for maximum profits.

Cyrus EA usually makes a trade every 2 - 3 days except for weekends and the christmass unless this option is activated.

A minimum account balance of $200 with a leverage from 1:100 are recommended by the robot developer.

Live Performance

Settings: Default Settings
Started On
Feb 16, 2016
IC Markets
Account Type
Starting Balance
Settings: Aggressive Settings
Started On
Nov 09, 2015
Account Type
Starting Balance


Open Prices Quality

As Cyrus EA has bars control function, its backtests with the “Open Prices only” quality have the same results as those with the “Every tick”.

Open Prices Quality 2008 - 2014 Aggressive Trade

Open Prices Quality 2008 - 2014 Standard

Open Prices Quality 2000 - 2008 Aggressive Trade

Open Prices Quality 2000 - 2008 Standard

99% Tick Quality

99% Tick Data Quality EURUSD Aggressive Trade

99% Tick Data Quality EURUSD Standard

99% Tick Data Quality GBPUSD Aggressive Trade

99% Tick Data Quality GBPUSD Standard

90% Tick Quality

90% Tick Data Quality EURUSD Aggressive Trade

90% Tick Data Quality EURUSD Standard

90% Tick Data Quality GBPUSD Aggressive Trade

90% Tick Data Quality GBPUSD Standard

Trading Strategy

Cyrus EA core strategy is the trend detection by which it follows that strong trend to open orders. The system perfectly analyzes the current market condition to dynamically determine the StopLoss and TakeProfit parameters value. This guarantees making the maximum profit from every trade while subjecting the account to the minimum risk.

Strategy Safety

A different StopLoss and TakeProfit values are set for each trade but the system mostly exits a trade when it draws what the market could maximally give from it as the market might turn against us any time.

Cyrus EA also applies various entry point detection algorithms both alone and in combinations, what minimizes the risks and ensures sufficient stability.


  • Trailing: With Enable / disable options controlling the trailing profit function where if an order profit touches 80 points, trailing starts.
  • Risk: A percentage value of the deposit size as a maximum amount to risk in one trade which is the trade size (lot).
  • FixLot: A fixed size of a trade regardless of the deposit size and is active only when the previous parameter Risk=0.
  • AutoGMT: With Enable / disable options to automatically determine the broker's time offset compared to GMT (for testing it in the strategy tester, the broker's time offset has to be set manually).
  • SummerGMT: Determines the broker's summer time offset compared to GMT and is active only when the previous parameter AutoGMT=false.
  • WinterGMT: Determines the broker's winter time offset compared to GMT and is active only when the previous parameter AutoGMT=false.
  • ShowIndication: It shows indications on the screen chart.
  • MagicNumber: A fixed ID number for the EA's orders to be added to each algorithm number as follows: MagicNumber + (algorithm number). For example, if MagicNumber = 1000, the ID number of the first algorithm will be 1000+1=1001 and for the second one will be 1000+2=1002 and so on until 4).
  • EAComment: For adding comments on the EA's orders.
  • RecoveryMode: Applies the fast capital recovery mode. ATTENTION! This function should be tested first in the strategy tester before its use live!
  • MaxSpread: Determines the maximum allowed spread for orders opening.
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Latest Cyrus EA News and Updates

New Cyrus EA Version 1.3 Build 21 is Now LIVE As a continuation of the refining and improvement of Cyrus EA, the robot developers have announced today the release of the new and most stable version 1.3 build 21 in the members' area

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