FX SCALPER 4X raw, uncut, and unedited 22.5-year backtest of GBPUSD
FX Scalper

For anyone questioning/doubting or currently feeling unsure about the longevity of FX SCALPER 4X, the EA developers team has recently presented an extraordinary demonstration. Behold, a raw, uncut, and unedited 22.5-year backtest of GBPUSD, one of the most notoriously volatile currency pairs. Yes, you read it correctly—22.5 years of comprehensive testing! Now, they challenge anyone to find another EA matching such remarkable results. It's improbable!

Mon, 17 Jul 2023
Introducing PercepTrader AI
Valery Trading

Valery Trading expert advisor developers team has found this period is the perfect time to reveal their highly-anticipated AI-powered Expert Advisor: introducing PercepTrader AI. So, get ready for an extraordinary fusion of cutting-edge AI technologies and proven trading strategies. As you may have correctly guessed from their previous announcement, PercepTrader AI shares trading strategy and logic principles with their most popular EA, Waka Waka.

The AI Formula for Expert Advisors was Cracked
Valery Trading

It's been four months since Valeriia Mishchenko last update on her journey of exploring the cutting-edge technologies of AI, machine learning, and neural networks. She is now excited to share that the time has finally come for her to reveal the results of her hard work. She ensures that after countless hours of research and development, she is thrilled to announce that she could crack "the AI formula" for Expert Advisors. She has created an AI-powered Expert Advisor to take the trading experience to the next level.

Wed, 12 Jul 2023
FX Scalper 4X is Here!
FX Scalper

On June 15th, the FX Scalper developers team announced that the wait was finally over. FX SCALPER 4X, their most advanced trading algorithm, was released exclusively for their current active members to purchase. They've been working tirelessly to develop this game-changing tool, and the results have been exceptional. FX SCALPER 4X is the ultimate solution for forex traders seeking to elevate their trading game.

A Deep Vision of Risk Management and Grid Systems
Waka Waka

Every once in a while, I write posts about risk management and how to use it correctly. However, my previous posts were rather short. This time, I would like to dive deeper into this topic and cover everything essential about it in relation to Waka Waka and pretty much all other grid systems. Money management The first thing I always start with is money management. Simply put, it's how big the lot size you want to open in relation to your deposit size. In Waka Waka and Golden Pickaxe

WAKA WAKA New Record - 62 Months in Profit
Waka Waka

Mischenko Valeria; Waka Waka developer has recently announced that she is thrilled that the EA once again reached an extraordinary milestone. Waka Waka has now achieved 62 consecutive months in profit, showcasing the Expert Advisor's trading strategy's unwavering consistency and reliability. She wishes to continue with her clients to surpass world records, as Waka Waka demonstrates exceptional growth.

AMarkets 17% Bonus with Higher Cashback Promo June 2023

Boost your trading potential Deposit $300 or more into your account and get up to a 17% bonus and increased cashback per lot Promotional period: from 12.06 to 07.07 Get the Offer Promotion terms and conditions 15% + $13 cashback $300 – $1,000 17% + $13 cashback $1,000 – $3,000 17% + $15 cashback $3,000+ After making a deposit, contact AMarkets customer support to activate your trading bonus and cashback. Use your bonus to open more trades and generate higher profits.

XM Egypt Exclusive 100% Deposit Bonus June 2023

READY FOR A 100% DEPOSIT BONUS? Double your next deposit in June! Give your trading equity the ultimate boost with XM's bonus of up to $300. Get 2x the trading power today! CLAIM YOUR BONUS Terms and Conditions apply*. Please read the full T&Cs on the XM official website! GET MORE FROM YOUR DEPOSIT XM will give you up to $300 on top of the 1st deposit you make in June! Claim your 100% bonus now and unlock your full trading potential! Get the bonus instantly

FX Scalper X Performance in 2021 and 2022
FX Scalper
The FX Scalper trading bots are undoubtedly the best trading robots for retail traders. The exceptional performance of these algos has outperformed top investment assets such as the SP 500, Bitcoin, and Gold! The fact that FX Scalper has outperformed top investment assets is a remarkable accomplishment. It is a testament to the system’s viability. FX Scalper has demonstrated that it is a reliable and highly profitable investment tool for traders looking to maximize their
Current MetaTrader Platform Will Stop Working After May 1st, 2023
Tick Data Suite

The traders using a version of MT4 older than build 1370 on Windows, their MetaTrader platform will stop working after May 1st, 2023. You should update your MT4 to the latest free version to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted trading experience. The latest MT4 build features improved platform stability and you can download it by following the instructions below: If you are a Desktop user, the update will be available through your MT4’s Live Update system.

An Eye on Golden Pickaxe EA in 6 Months
Golden Pickaxe

Yesterday Valery Trading developers team celebrated 6 months since the Golden Pickaxe was released. During these 6 months, a lot of things have happened in finance: bankruptcy of FTX and several banks in the US, the Fed rate growing at a record pace, and central banks buying the most gold in all recorded history. Even one of these events can shake the market, and we got all of them concentrated in a short amount of time. Many think this is just the beginning.

FX Scalper X 2023 Easter Day 20% Sale
FX Scalper

FX Scalper developers always try to seize any available opportunity for the benefit of their clients. To celebrate the 2023 Easter day, they have decided to offer a fantastic promotion, they have added 20% OFF the regular price for the clients who would buy FX Scalper till the 30th of April 2023. Just add the promo code "E" when purchasing for FX Scalper online to get the discount. FX Scalper is currently performing well and making astonishing results.

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