New v5.3 Forex Trend Hunter 30% OFF with New Supported Pairs

A couple days ago, a new version 5.3 of Forex Trend Hunter EA (expert advisor) has been released and it is now available in the Automated Forex Tools member's area for downloading. Three new updated have been added to the new version:

Forex Trend Hunter Trading Strategy has been Optimized and Improved to the Latest Market Conditions

The optimization has been applied for the 5 year period from 2013 to 2018 which is long enough for good optimizations. For periods before 2013 the EA may show bad performance!

Two New Currency Pairs have been Added to the Forex Trend Hunter Trading Strategy

USDJPY and USDCAD currency pairs are now supported be the EA with very good results according to the performed backtests. To check the new version backtest results please visit the robot review page:

Forex Trend Hunter Review

Additional Trailing Stop Functionality has been Added to Forex Trend Hunter Trading Strategy

Two new settings; Fixed_Trailing_After and Fixed_Trailing_Step were added to be used in combination with Fixed_Trailing parameter and they work as follows:

Fixed_Trailing: If set for a value greater than zero, the system will use this value as a fixed trailing stop and ignores the volatility trailing stop.

Fixed_Trailing_After: If Fixed_Trailing is activated (greater than zero) and the current achieved trade profit is equal to or greater than the preset Fixed_Trailing_After value, a trailing stop equal to the Fixed_Trailing parameter's value will be set to the trade by the EA.

Fixed_Trailing_Step: This is the value that controls when and for how much the fixed trailing stop value will be updated during the trade course, so that when the difference between the current achieved trade profit and the current stop loss value is greater than that preset Fixed_Trailing_Step value, the trailing stop will be updated.

Added to that, All the Automated Forex Tools Forex Robots are now Discounted by 30% OFF from the regular price till the end of 31st August, 2018.

We think that is now the right moment to upgrade from demo to paid license.

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[Last Modified On Sun, 26 Aug 2018]
Published On Sun, 26 Aug 2018

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