Swing Trader PRO Review Introduction

Swing Trader PRO is a manual trading system that is able to trade an unprecedented number of currency pairs (27 currency pairs) compared to other Forex trading system, steadily targeting more than a few pips out of each trade and requiring only a few minutes of work per day to trade!

Trading Idea

Based on a special statistics concept, Swing Trader PRO keeps a linear model track of trading price action, what's called Linear Regression that determines the price action bouncing range and its flowing direction. This is very similar to trend trading, but much more sophisticated, and highly precise.
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Swing Trader PRO Criteria


One account (Real or Demo) with switching flexibility between accounts.

Support & Updates

Full customer support and FREE future updates.

Manual & Training

A detailed guide for installation, opening trades, and setting up their management is included and easy to learn and follow.

Compatible Brokers

All, especially IC Markets, Tickmill, or Alpari Forex Brokers.


5 day trial period is available for a low cost.

Refund Policy

60 day money back guarantee.

Supported Currency Pairs

27 different currency pairs (see Live Performance Statement)

MetaTrader Chart Timeframe

H4, D1

Live Trading Performance Proof

Default Settings
Started On
Jan 30, 2015
Synergy FX
Starting Balance

Trading Strategy

Trading more pairs recovers from the fact that an accurate Forex strategy trades less frequently, so Swing Trader PRO achieves both accuracy in trading and high frequency trading (through trading more pairs) that generates more trade opportunities with more pips gained and profits increase.

Unlike most traders who prefer trading lower timeframes as M15, M30 and H1, trading higher timeframes as H4, and the DAILY gives you a more generalized view over the market behavior which gives you the ability to squeeze the most pips out od every trade.

After you open a trade following the system notifications, you'll need to provide it with the stop loss, take profit, and optionally trailing stop which are suggested by the system too, then the trading platform will manage the trades for you.

The dynamic risk vs reward ratio system included in Swing Trader PRO is based on the the linear regression calculations and depends on certain levels positions as there is no exact identifiable balance to risk vs reward, this aims finally to make more money than losing (maximize generated pips and minimize drawdown).

Generally, Swing Trader PRO will put the risk somewhere between half and equal to the reward, it's most reasonable to be 1:1 or even 5:1 risk:reward ratio.

System Alerts, Notifications and Trade Verification

  • Sound and box alert for the pair with a trade opportunity, so no need to watch over the 27 currency pair charts.
  • On screen arrow notification of the forming trade opportunity with entry point, stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop suggestion.
  • More few simple confirmations to verify the trade signal validity significantly increasing the win rate.

Bottom Line

Advantages of Manual Trading Systems Over Automated Ones

In manual trading you have the ability to:

  • Identify potential trade opportunities that could be missed by Forex robots due to simple discrepancy that exists an the majority of them.
  • Guess the current overall condition of the market and better recognize if it's suitable to trade or not.

Advantages of Manual Trading Systems Over Human Manual Trading

As a beginner or expert in Forex trading, Manual Trading Systems will allow you to dispense with:

  • Perform brilliant calculation to determine the best entry point and later manage the opened trade.
  • Study or understand currency charts to recognize the current market conditions and make your decisions trading.
  • Other assistant tools, every thing that could be needed is included, you'll just need to follow the system instructions, alerts and notifications.

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Last Updated On Sat, 26 Sep 2015

Talk about Swing Trader PRO

Tariq A Fri, 5 Aug 2016
Hi Can i use Swing Trader PRO with any broker? Thanks
MyFxBots Admin Mon Aug 8th, 2016
Yes, it's compatible with any broker!
Eng How Tan Tues, 14 Jun 2016
any one has latest live signal from this EA? im interested to buy..
shara othman Thurs, 19 May 2016
As I have noted it is very simple ea ,and its just drawing three trend that any trader can do it ....and i think it is not depends in any scientific calculation bases .
shara othman Thurs, 21 Apr 2016
I have some qustions:
-are this robot is working with mt4 ?
-if i buy the trail robot for 5 days ,are it is working in real account?
-can you send me its manual, i want to see the robot specifications and it will work ?
waiting your soon reply
MyFxBots Admin Thu Apr 21st, 2016
Yes, Swing Trader Pro is designed to run on MT4.
The trial is not a demo, it's the exact fully purchased Forex robot but with a limited license to 5 days.
The manual is included with the EA and we can't publish it as the developer is reserving it for the clients only! you can have it if you got the trial version!
shara othman Thu Apr 21st, 2016
I have triad to buy trial version through the master card by SHAMAL S. MOHAMEED ,but i cannot to transfer the money to you, pls. advice me what i will do?
shara othman Thu Apr 21st, 2016
can we transfer the 7 us$ via westrian union transfer ?please inform me your account address for it.
shara othman Fri Apr 22nd, 2016
    dear sir;
  1. please im waiting your reply to all my previous questions.
  2. if i want to buy real version(not trail),are there is no additional cost come to me?
shara othman Sat Apr 23rd, 2016
3-I think that 5 days not adequate duration for any new person to read its manual and test the EA.
MyFxBots Admin Mon Apr 25th, 2016
For payment assistance and EA version selection, you should contact the EA vendor at its official website via the links to it in this page.
For the trial period, it is not an educational period, it's just to test the EA performance on your account and find if it'd suite your broker and account type to decide whether to pay for the full version or not! No other EA vendor provides such a discounted trial period.
Moreover, you have a full 60 days period to request a refund if you are not yet satisfied (please carefully read the vendor's refund policy at the EA official website before paying for the EA).
Yunus Erkan Aksu Sun Jun 26th, 2016
I wanna test it for 5 days but they demand 5$ 497$ limit on my credit card. If i don't wanna continue, they refund me $497. Not sensible.

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