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StrikeFX Review Introduction

StrikeFX was created by ArgoLab team, the creators of the powerful Expert Advisors Forex Warrior, Easy Walker FX, and Fx Splitter.

Trading Idea

StrikeFX is a multicurrency martingale Expert Advisor of a new generation that doesn't settle for too long, gains stable earnings, cuts losses early before they grow, and absorbs the losses. In other words, "Martingale without diapers" is the motto of this EA.

StrikeFX Criteria


One Live or Demo Account License.

Broker / VPS

StrikeFX trades well on most brokers whether 4-digits or 5-digits, while the most suitable broker should be with a small spread for the traded on pair and a moderate slippage.
If StrikeFX trades on an account with a deposit that's not large enough for proper Money Management setup, a cent account is preferred that would make some broker choice restriction, as only a few of them offer cent accounts.
We recommend trading with Fx Splitter on IC Markets, Tickmill, or Alpari Forex Brokers via TradingFX VPS Forex VPS for the best stability and profitability.


Full support is included.


Lifetime Free Updates.

Supported Currency Pairs


MetaTrader Chart Timeframe


3rd Party Verified Live Trading Results

Default Settings
Started On
Aug 12, 2017
Fort Financial Services
Starting Balance

Trading Strategy

Differences between StrikeFX and any other Martingale Trading System

  1. In StrikeFX, ArgoLab have abandoned the grid with both a fixed distance between orders (both in Forex Warrior and TrickyTwister) and a fixed time between orders (as in Fx Splitter). The distance between orders can be as large (but not less than a certain minimum) and the time span between orders washes to be also as large (but not less than a certain minimum). The EA constantly analyzes the situation and adds averaging orders only when it is really necessary, and enters at the best price.
  2. In StrikeFX, ArgoLab have abandoned the fixed take-profit basket tied to the last order or the break-even price. The take-profit basket is set depending on the market situation and constantly changes (but so as not to close the basket at a loss).
  3. StrikeFX is able to go out with a small loss in situations where the market "collapses" and the price goes a long distance in a short time.
  4. Multi-currency with risk control. StrikeFX implements a unique multi-currency trading management center, which controls the number of open transactions for each currency and their direction, the number of instruments traded, the general open drawdown on all currency pairs and decides to allow/ban/block trading on new currency pairs/instruments. In the control center, the trader limits the maximum number of currencies traded simultaneously in one direction (default 1).
    For example, if the EA trades EURUSD for purchase, it will not trade other XXXUSD pairs for purchase and USDXXX for sale. Added to that, the control center limits the number of simultaneous currency pairs traded and the maximum drawdown at which new pairs are allowed.
  5. StrikeFX has a built-in function of fixing losses when the maximum allowable drawdown for one tool is reached. If this happens, the EA can close all orders and stop and can put a full lock (lock) and stop trading, waiting for the intervention of the trader.
  6. StrikeFX developers team has implemented a special mechanism for a minimal increase in the number of orders. The first 3 orders of the pyramid are opened by the same lot, then there is a smooth build-up of the lot. Characteristic lot sequence: 0.10, 0.10, 0.10, 0.15,....

In fact, StrikeFX is an intermediate option between grids building a permanent lot and traditional martingale advisors increasing a lot of each next order for a specific lot multiplier.

Bottom Line

StrikeFX aims to set up a trading environment for conservative martingale trading by achieving the following actions:

  1. Trade many instruments (currency pairs),
  2. Control the simultaneously traded instruments, in order to minimize the risk of correlated drawdown,
  3. Do not be greedy, take what the market gives you,
  4. If one pair runs out of control, fixate the losses early and continue trading.
Last Updated On Fri, 6 May 2022

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