Skilled Trader Review Introduction

The Skilled Trader is a bulletproof automated trading system that dynamically adjusts to market conditions through instant, free updates performed by an experienced trader.

The EA was developed and is entirely updated and maintained by a professional trading group with a combined experience of dozens of years and specialization in analytical trading.

Trading Idea

The Skilled Trader has been developed to utilize and maximize the 3 secrets of successful Forex trading that will be discussed in this review. These 3 secrets actually work to allow the EA to beat the Forex market without being sabotaged by the broker it's trading on.

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Skilled Trader Criteria


Full access to The Skilled Trader software licensed for one real or demo account with account change flexibility, & requires no setting adjustments other than risk, work on a minimum of 3 trading pairs with more coming if they haven’t already.

Forex Broker / VPS

We recommend using Skilled Trader EA on IC Markets, Tickmill, or Alpari Forex Brokers in conjunction with TradingFX VPS Forex VPS.

Easy Installation

While the Skilled Trader EA is advanced, it’s easy to install and setup within minutes.


Detailed graphic manuals, recommendations, and more are included with Skilled Trader EA so you can get setup fast, regardless of your experience level.

Software Updates

Skilled Trader EA will automatically check with the developers' servers for any new pairs, and perform strategy adjustments, and settings changes. Nothing is needed to be done as it does all the adapting and updating by itself.

Client Support

Most important is service and support. The Skilled Trader developers team ensures that they fully dedicate themselves to help you anyway they can with the software and any other issue or concern you may have. You can reach out to them anytime and they’ll be there.

Refund Policy

If for any reason within 30 days of your purchase, you are not satisfied, just send the Skilled Trader vendor a quick email to let them know and they ensure that they’d refund you. It can be for any reason at all.

Supported Currency Pairs


MT4 Chart Timeframe


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Trading Strategy

The 3 secrets are about following the “big money” and applying intelligent risk to build a nice upward account growth that is not impacted by slippage and spreads.

This creates profits you can actually count on.

  1. Follow the BIG money

    The big money, as in the banks, massive funds, and countries, cannot just go in and out of a currency trade within seconds.  They have too much money; it’s not possible to fill those trades.

    So these big money guys have to buy or sell a currency and hold on to them for a reasonable time, because of liquidity issues.  If they close out too fast it could cause them to lose money.

    This means their best strategy and course of action is to create trends and trade into the trends.  Wait long enough, cash out, and then usually it triggers a reversal of the trend – or at least a pullback.

    If it’s not a reversal and just a pullback, then you must close out your trade and get back in the trade in the correct direction.

    Instead of trying to time this yourself, which would require you to stare at the screen for hours on end and be on high alert.

    The Skilled Trader can do this for you automatically. It follows trades with the trend and will close trades on trend changes and pullbacks.

    It will then re-assess and act dynamically based on the situation and handle it accordingly.  It essentially rides the trends for you and works around pullbacks and trend reversals.

    Here’s a basic concept of how The Skilled Trader is reading the chart:

    The Skilled Trader reading the chart

  2. Manage the Risk

    When we say manage the risk we aren’t talking about a simple concept of choosing a lot size or bet size that is reasonable.

    It’s about trade frequency, risk to reward of trades, and awareness of market changes.

    What does that mean?

    It means controlling the number of trades you have open at a time determines your risk.

    It means that trades that close with small and limited losses but generally win bigger than those losses statistically place the odds of profiting in your favor.

    It means being aware when a sudden change occurs in the market, then adjusting and adapting to that change in order to remain profitable.

    The Skilled Trader takes into account all these risk factors and automatically manages them for you.  Nothing for you to worry about, nothing to figure out, nothing to change.

  3. Adapt to Market

    The key to staying profitable is having a natural ability to identify when markets are changing.  Markets tend to move in cycles usually trending or sideways.

    These changes happen because of relevant news in the world that changes the cycle.  Cycles tend to last for lengthy periods of time, then change.  This is why many systems work for a while and then stop.

    This can easily be catered to if a system identifies and adapts to these changes with internal adjustments that consider changes in the range of the market and direction.

    A lot of people get stuck in one cycle and end up over-committing and losing their whole account, when it seemed like they would never fail.

    The Skilled Trader’s use of managing risk and its ability to detect and adapt to these market changes, make it a powerful force of low-risk profit.

All 3 of these secrets that we just discussed are built into The Skilled Trader and automatically done for you.

That means not only is the trading fully automated where it opens, manages, and closes trades for you, but it also trades with the big money, manages risk well, and adapts to the market.

Iron Clad Resistance to Broker Slippage, Delays, and High Spreads

Even with brokers trying to manipulate your account with the use of slippage, which means they cause your trade to enter at a different price, or delays on the execution of trades, or even high spreads…

It doesn’t stop The Skilled Trader’s stable and consistent strategy from successfully building your income.

This is because the system flows with the big money, but also aims for larger profit wins on each and every trade.

So unlike other systems, the trade entry will still be valid, but even if it costs you a little extra money to get in at the wrong price, the profit on your trades will significantly outweigh any broker manipulation.

The system also avoids brokers from Stop Loss hunting, which is when your trade gets closed out, before going in the right direction.  This is avoided easily, because of the breathing room allowed on trades, while still avoiding high stop loss.

Trend Trading With Volatility Component

Although The Skilled Trader is designed to take advantage of trends, it is well aware of sideways markets and volatility.

Because of this, it is able to fully function and profit from varying conditions.  If you check out our live public trading account, you can see it’s been profitable for many months.

If you look at those months, the markets have cycled through volatile, sideways, trending, etc.  And it thrived in all of them.

That means you won’t have to worry about changing markets!

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Updated on Tue Apr 11th, 2023

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