Forex RobinVOL Review Introduction

Forex RobinVOL trades volatility breakouts and their retracements. It's not a scalper and opens additional trades whenever matching the first entry conditions, up to a preset count of trades which is 8 by default, and just trades at bar open.


Unlimited Real and Demo Accounts on a Single Machine Valid for One Year.

NFA compliance

Yes (with FIFO setting enabled).

Broker / Forex VPS

Compatible with any Broker While for the Best Profitability and Stability, We Recommend Tickmill, Alpari or IC Markets Forex brokers With TradingFX VPS.

User Manual / Support

Detailed Beginner Friendly User Manual is Included and Professional 24/7 Client Support is Available.

Refund Policy

60 Day Money Back Guaranteed by the Vendor.

Supported Currency Pairs


MT4 Chart Timeframe

M1, non-standard timeframes are supported.

RobinVOL is a fully automated Forex robot, developed by RobinTradingHub and conducted via OpenSistemas Service and Development Management Environment framework that involves osBrain multiagent software for trading environment.

Live Performance

MyfxBook and FxBlue verified live performance result statements:

Started On
Sep 09, 2013
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Starting Balance
Started On
Apr 27, 2015
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Starting Balance

Trading Strategy

Compared to the previous version, the latest RobinVOL v3.0 is a totally new Forex robot that included many improvements and new features in addition to some important features from its precursor v2.0.

It trades volatility breakouts. It enters positions in the breakout directions using two different strategies:

  • On Breakout Occurrence.
  • On Breakout Retracement.

Positions are added in the breakout direction on every bar as long as the conditions are met, RobinVOL only trades at the bar close protecting against some market spikes and fake movements.

If the TakeProfit or StopLoss levels are touched by the traded pair price, the opened trade is not closed at once, but RobinVOL waits for the bar closing to see if the price closes behind those levels, so every trade closing will always be a bit further from both the TakeProfit and StopLoss levels.

Portfolio Mode

This is a new capability in the latest version 3 of the EA, it can now run with multiple configurations at the same time via holding and manipulating the market data rapidly and precisely.

Order Management

Inline with portfolio mode, RobinVOL v3.0 can now efficiently manage all operations on the same currency pair and avoid unnecessary commissions to improve its efficacy.

Single Trading Mode

This is the traditional trading mode of the previous version 2.0, it's still operable in the latest version 3.0 where it's now more profitable thanks to the improvements made to the latest version, the most important of which is the ability to trade in non-standard timeframes as 7M and 12M for example.

Security and Protection

All the security features of the older version 2.0 as the weekend protection, bracket StopLoss / TakeProfit and setting an initial balance regardless of the real account balance are kept in the latest version 3.0 in addition to the new option to specify the size in the account currency for calculation operation sizes that was added to the EA settings.

Performance Variations Expansion

Multiple pairs are now supported with different timeframes that were carefully selected after deep performance analysis and testing with various techniques.

Graphical Interface

A redesigned graphical interface is now integrated to display important information on the chart in a simple and clean way to track information from different charts in one place.

Setting Files and Folders Structure

After installing RobinVOL v3.0, monthly updated setting files that are downloadable at the official client area have to be copied to EA folders every month, a new structure of these folders have been set to make this process easier compared to the previous version.

On updating the setting files at the beginning of each month, trades from the previous month will still be automatically managed even if there is no setting files.

RobinVOL v3.0 can also run with other Forex robots.

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