REV Trader PRO Review Introduction

It was coded and developed by Doug Price, the former money manager and trading systems developer for a confidential top trading firm as he claims. He promises and intends to constantly perfect his trading strategies especially REV Trader PRO as it's his most profitable trading system applying all-new ways and tactics he might discover in the future to improve the settings and the strategy.

Trading Idea

REV Trader PRO is not a martingale or a grid strategy-based robot. It monitors the vertical pattern swings and determines the highs and lows and uses the data to make an entry on the reversal of market movement. It employs built-in unique brilliant filters to detect false trade signals.
It trades in baskets of up to 3 orders with won: lost pips per trade ratio of almost 1:1 and it exits using a trailing stop.

REV Trader PRO Criteria

Refund policy

60 day Money back guarantee.


Full Lifetime License + Free updates and strategy improvements.


24 hour access to the robot developer via E-mail support and personal Skype.

Compatible Brokers

All (ECN, NDD, STP, 4 Digit, and 5 Digit, various spreads, etc), while IC Markets, Tickmill, or Alpari are recommended.

Supported Currency Pairs


MetaTrader Chart Timeframe


Live Performance

MyfxBook is a trusted and verified 3rd party that utilizes the author's real money Forex account investor password and authentication to log in to it and verify the data are correct and do some more analytic processes, all the results are shown in the statement published by this free service.

Real Money Account
Started On
Dec 10, 2013
Synergy FX
Starting Balance

Trading Strategy

The robot doesn't apply any martingale or grid strategy; the misleading tactics could grow your account rapidly but later it'll be destroyed completely. REV Trader PRO profits from the market volatility regardless of its direction, up or down, it just rides the wave.

It's not even a scalper, protecting your money from losses by the commission, spread, slippage, and broker sensitivities.

Although it comes with a powerful set of controls to refine and adjust its performance, all are preset to extremely excellent default settings.

Trade Reversal Detection Technology

It allows the robot to detect the market potential reversals with high accuracy.

False Signal Detection Technology

It allows the robot to detect and avoid false trading signals and works in conjugation with the trade reversal detection technology adding an extra level of safety.

As we clarified, REV Trader PRO, its entire strategy, analysis, and tactics all run on the H1 timeframe.

Once a potential winner signal is detected by the robot's proper identification of the market patterns, all the systems do their checks on that signal.

One final confirmation is performed by internal switching to the Daily chart and re-analyze to track the direction of the trend and compare it to the acquired signal on the H1 timeframe.

If there is a matching between the analysis results, the trade is performed, if not, the trade is considered false, as the daily charts clear out the short-term market impurities and make its general direction more obvious.

If a signal on the H1 chart appears to be a loser one while on the daily is in favor of it, it's highly probable will recover in the profitable direction.

Account Risk Management

Through it, you can preset a risk percent which you'd like to oppose your account to depending on its equity.

Trade Operation Management

It's more important than opening a trade, to select the best timing for its closure. This is a build-in dynamic trade management system that locks in profits to enhance your account growth and make this growth smoother.

Additional Features

ENC / Multi-Digit Compatible

REV Trader PRO is compatible with different brokers shapes and sizes; ECN, NDD, STP, 4 Digit, and 5 Digit, various spreads, etc. This is not a big deal for the robot, it handles this all.

Alert System

An option to set, on trade actions an alert will popup.

E-Mail Notification

It can be set to e-mail you whenever a trade is opened.

Bottom Line

Being a relatively expensive software is an added advantage so that not too many trades will be able to use it and it won't be abused or diluted in the market.

The author claims that REV Trader PRO was once a private property used only by the wealthiest of clients, and you can now get it.

The copies sold are not limited by the author by a certain number, but as he claims, his ability to cover the personal SkyPe support for his client is what will limit the sales, once he would be unable to accommodate more clients for the software support, the doors will be closed for additional sales.

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