Professional Breakout Trading System Review Introduction

The base core of Professional Breakout Trading System is the market model Volatility Breakout, it opens and closes trades within one daily session. It captures large daily movements in the short-term trend direction that is determined by a built-in Trend Filter.


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Professional Breakout Trading System implements an intraday mechanical strategy that targets high volatile and explosive moves on EURUSD; the most traded currency pair as more than 25% of the daily Forex turnover is made by this pair beside that it has the tightest spread, the best market fills and the lowest slippage.

The strategy is very simple and not complicated with many bundled trading rules. Simple systems can't by over fit, so no chart with many fancy indicators with long names is included. Simplicity is much better for long-term trading success.

The more time a system shows a profit and good performance on backtesting, the more likely is to be successful and profitable in the future. As this guarantees that the traded pair which is EURUSD here, has gone through lots of different market conditions like trending and non trending cycles, volatile and quiet market and so on. A solid system must pass all these market tests profiting before it is engaged for real trading.

The system's inputs have been changed alternatively a lot while testing and developing to find out if it will be still profitable or not. A real good market pattern by which a mechanical system has been created, should be still profitable with different settings. If the system's inputs changes deteriorated the equity curve, then this is just a classic example of curve-fitted strategy which won't be profitable in real world trading. 220% of the Professional Breakout Trading System strategy's inputs were changed by the developer while coding the system with very good looking equity curves.

How Exactly A Trade Is Generated!

  1. The first step Professional Breakout Trading System makes is determining the short-term trend direction. As it aims to trade intraday, it needs to determine where the market is most likely going to in short-term, focusing on which has appeared to be most appropriate over focusing on intermediate-term and long-term trends to trade only when the odds are in our favor as going in the apposite direction of the trend is so risky and non-profitable.
    For that, a custom trend indicator has been developed by Professional Breakout Trading System developers to track short-term trend with 2 options; bullish and bearish, so when a blue dot is appears on last closed candle the EA goes long on the bar and vice versa, for a short position. The idea here is that this indicator for its change, it tracks the most recent volatility of EURUSD to detect bigger moves against the trend during volatile times and smaller moves in the quiet mode and adapts automatically to ever changing Forex conditions.
  2. The second step is performed by determining the point when the most appropriate time to enter the market long if the market is trending up or short if it is down heading.
    That point is influenced by the most recent price action as once the price exceeds it, the odds increases dramatically and the EA is more likely to be ready to go where the market should appear moving strongly in the predetermined direction. The system then buys on strength and sells on weakness.
  3. Once Professional Breakout Trading System is ready to go, it starts setting up the Stop Loss level, it always uses the market placed SL level which is determined at the moment of joining the market. This is to preserve the capital and to have confident trading.
    SL level range whether wide or narrow is determined according to the most recent volatility. Very narrow SL can be used sometimes when the market is quiet while very a big one can be applied during the wild times as in 2008. The difference can reach up to 10 times the size between the two conditions. So the most recent volatility should be considered when syncing with the market and using a small SL in a volatile market is a shortcut for loss.
  4. The final step is exiting at the end of the day if any open positions exist whatever the profit or loss we have. As Professional Breakout Trading System is an intraday system, no positions are required to stay held for a very long time.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, you should consider that Professional Breakout Trading System trades are very infrequent and could be just 1.34 trades on average per week. So jumping in and out every few hours won't be seen on an account managed by it. It just waits for its time passively, then confidently enters into the market.

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