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Power Trader Review Introduction

Power Trader manual trading system. The core principles of Forex trading act as the cornerstone for Power Trader. These principles are fact, almost like gravity, and have never changed and probably never will, based on the market's complete history.

Trading Idea

The cornerstone principles for Power Trader take into account price action, market volatility, and short-term trending.

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Power Trader Criteria


The full Power Trader manual trading system with trade alert notifications, templates, & indicators with the best settings built-in. It trades on multiple accounts at the same time.

Broker / VPS Combination

In order to get the best achievable stability and profitability, we recommend using Power Trader on IC Markets, Tickmill, or Alpari Forex Brokers in conjunction with TradingFX VPS Forex VPS.

Customer Support

A professional support team will respond as fast as humanly possible to any questions about the installation, or trading Power Trader.

User Manual

Training and install videos are available with recommendations & best settings built-in.

Future Updates

Any and all updates to improve Power Trader are included absolutely free, for life, always.

Refund Policy

30-day no-questions-asked easy money-back guarantee for any reason. Try it, risk-free for 30 days.

Supported Currency Pairs


MetaTrader Chart Timeframe


Trading Strategy

Safe Trading

Power Trader uses a reasonable stop loss range.  Typically, the stop loss is between 10 to 30 pips at most.

Trades wouldn’t be taken if the support or resistance levels are too far away from the price action.

Bad Trade Signals Avoidance

A built-in intelligent false signal filter is incorporated into Power Trader as a double check on the signal to verify that the signal has a high probability of succeeding.

If that filter does not align with the trade signal, then the trade is not valid and should be avoided.  This simple filter can increase the win rate significantly and gives Power Trader control when trying to avoid the market from tricking it into a bad trade.

Powerful trade signals

These predictions are made just before or as price action is nearing a breakout. In this way, Power Trader can enter trades quickly and with low risk, with huge potential rewards.

In other words, the market is constantly in motion. The price will hover within a range for many periods of time on a live chart, then suddenly as if out of nowhere, it will break out.

There are two ways in which this can happen. An explosive or drifting movement is possible. There is something exciting about these movements. It makes you wish you had the ability to predict future price movements because you could have made so much money.

Power Trader is able to sense when one of these specific breaks is about to take place. As soon as the price of the currency swings in either direction, the EA can take a profit.

Evergreen Trading

EVERGREEN term in business is the product or system that continues to work throughout time. Companies like big hedge funds are always looking for evergreen trading systems.

With such systems, not much time or money is needed to invest in new systems, revise old ones, or be surprised by a huge account loss when a system suddenly stops working.

Power Trader has brought the EVERGREEN concept to one of the most volatile industries known to man; FOREX.

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Last Updated On Sat, 18 Mar 2023

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