Onyx Scalper Review Introduction

The Onyx Scalper has an integrated trading algorithm combining a number of technical indicators that reveal data on currency charts to form an easy to read and handle trader's dashboard with distinct color-differentiated buy and sell trading signals that generate alerts sent via the trading platform pop-ups, SMS, and email.


1 Real Live Account.

Broker / VPS Recommendations

We recommend Installing Onyx Scalper on TradingFX VPS Forex VPS and using it with IC Markets, Tickmill, or Alpari Forex Brokers for the best stability and profitability.


24/7 email support.


Detailed step-by-step user guide and setup instructions with remote setup service if requested.

Forex Signals

100% NO Repaint.

Refund Policy

Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Free lifetime updates.

Supported Currency Pairs

All major Forex currencies added to stocks, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, metals, and energies.

MT4 Chart Timeframe

Any timeframe.

Onyx Scalper has been developed for the well-known MetaTrader 4 trading platform that can be downloaded for free from many online forex brokers.

It's a forex system coded and designed by Karl Dittmann that published many other forex software that we are planning to review here on including Forex ResolutForex MonarchAlfa ScalperScalping DetectorFX Atom ProX Trend PremiumFibo QuantumDNA Scalper, and many other systems.

Newly purchased Onyx Scalper system should be tested on a demo account first to gain familiarity and confidence using it for live trading to make consistent results. The Onyx Scalper suitable for trading by any trader including beginners and advanced ones, user-friendly with setup instructions and trade examples to simplify its use just like its developer has made it for.

Onyx Scalper Trading Strategy

Not every signal generated by the Onyx Scalper needs to be taken but should be confirmed with a good market analysis, then just the trades with favorable risk to reward ratio should be taken to prevent wiping out all the consecutive winner trades with a loser one.

EURUSD and GBPUSD major currency pairs have favorable liquidity and higher chart time frames, this helps to filter out some of the noise existing in the lower chart time frames. This is why many traders prefer to trade these pairs while everyone should trade in a way that suits his own trading style and personality.

Onyx Scalper Trading Modes

3 different modes are included in the EA; conservative, medium, and aggressive modes, each of which has its own risk level and trade frequency. While the Onyx Scalper can run on any time frame, it's most suitable for the lower ones as M1, M5, and M15 and can be used for forex scalping, forex day trading, and forex swing trading.

Bottom Line

Onyx Scalper is a basic forex trading system that would most suit beginner traders as the more experienced ones should have the ability to easily create a very similar trading system using the MetaTrader platform built-in technical indicators for free.

Although Onyx Scalper is an easy to handle and ready-made trading system that is flexible across multiple instruments and timeframes, it will still need manual money management and trading discipline by the trader using it.

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